2nd March — Weekly Update!

Hosted at MIT Sloan Club / UAT Progress / New Talent Arrives


Our very own Co-Founder & President US, Cristina Dolan of iXledger was hosted at the MIT Sloan Club of New York Wednesday, discussing Blockchain & the impact on our financial systems.

Co-Founder & President US, Cristina Dolan of iXledger at MIT Sloan Club

During the event, two panels of experts discussed trends of digital electronics payments and developments in blockchain technology, crypto currencies and their potential impact on the economy and financial markets.

Commercial Traction

Our commercial progress is moving forward on a number of fronts. We hope to reach an agreement soon with one in particular located in London. In addition, we were approached by the founder of an insurance marketplace, who wanted to utilise blockchain and cryptocurrency and we are discussing possible strategic collaboration. Will keep you updated in the weeks ahead.

Development Progress

During this week, we have achieved the following;

Refactored and isolated our Insurance Contract functionality into a standalone service — this opens the door for integration with external systems, such as large enterprise systems within insurance companies; a key strategic development.

Completed work to build a general transaction signing module for our blockchain services — this gives greater security and extensibility to our blockchain services, again allowing them to be deployed in different ways, not just within our products.

We’ve completed the final pieces needed for our initial release of the professional networking features to our initial invite group of users including:

- Improved homepage
- Redesigned sign in process
- Various usability and performance improvements
- Infrastructure and deployment pipeline improvements

Beyond this, we’re preparing a testing sandbox for early adopters of the network to test our marketplace functionality, to validate the blockchain insurance contract with real users.


Nigel and Andrew, our recent additions in the last month have provided enhanced security to our infrastructure and helped align our marketing, communications, design efforts all around. Both adding gel to the team and helping to achieve our goals.

But the big news this week is that we have recruited a very experienced Full Stack Developer, with him to undertake his strong hand as our new Senior UI Developer to bolster-up our already well-experienced team. He will be starting this coming Monday!

Till next time..