30th March — Weekly Update!

We at iXledger wish our community and readers a very happy Easter! We hope that everyone gets to reunite with their families and to embrace the holiday spirit.

Now to report on the happenings of this week!

Development Progress

We have been focusing on 3 major areas during this week.

On the Blockchain side, we have been working on solutions for managing User’s keys and tokens. This is a challenge as many early users will not have the required information before they become iXledger users, so the onus is on us to generate and securely manage this information. In addition, we are building up client support processes by assigning key account managers to new clients arriving onboard.

Also to note, we’ve been building a system to manage the dependencies between our smart contracts — this is crucial for our ability to quickly deploy updates as and when required.

In terms of server development, our focus has turned to working with data collected by the system — we see opportunities to inform and automate parts of the evaluation, placement, and lifecycle of the insurance process using this data. Which in itself, are the key elements that the market and our partners are looking to adopt.

In terms of front-end development — we have been finishing our general tools for creating insurance inquiry forms to collect data, and progress has been made in building views of this data for brokers to search and filter.

Commercial Traction

We are very close completing two partnership deals with brokers located in London and another in Israel, that have a global reach and that will benefit from our blockchain solution we are rolling out. We will have the final conclusions to report on during April.

Till next time!