Approaching Q4

Ingemar Svensson, CEO: “Moving into Q4, we are fully focused on delivery of our first version of our product, to use in discussions with potential clients and partners”

Monday, 25 September 2017.

Regulation, Crypto Assets & ICO’s: Addressing Critical Issues in Blockchain Now & Post-Brexit.

Neil Fillary, Ami Ben-David, Stacey Mankoff, Adi Ben-Ari, Ingemar Svensson, and Jim Falvey.

Ingemar Svensson, CEO, was a panellist at the AftertheBell event, wonderfully hosted by Stacey Mankoff, on Tuesday, 19 September, 2017. Alongside Ingemar, Adi Ben-Ari, Founder & CEO, Applied Blockchain, Ami Ben-David, Founder & Managing Partner, Spice Venture Capital, Jim Falvey, JD, MBA, Consultant, Bovill, and Neil Fillary, Managing Director, NicheFort.

Attending the first London panel to address the latest on Regulations, Crypto Assets & ICO’s, Ingemar Svensson & Adi Ben-Ari’s views similarly consisted of the passion towards the blockchain space going forward in their companies. Afterwards, Ingemar Svensson began to talk on he’s experience launching an ICO, in July.

The InsurTech Conference

Stephan Karpischek, Ingemar Svensson, David Edwards, Clive Cook and Nigel Brook.

Invited to speak on Blockchain, on Friday, 22 September 2017, Ingemar Svensson, CEO, was a panellist alongside Clive Cook, Managing Director, R3, David Edwards, Co-founder, ChainThat, Nigel Brook, Partner, Clyde & Co, and Stephan Karpischek, Co-founder, Etherisc.

Development Progress

iXledger Team Update

Hitting the ground running, our 3 new additions, Business Development Manager, Henrik Hoppendorff, Head of Infrastructure, Paul Thompson and Junior UI Developer, Mohammed Yafii, have joined to implement our product vision, updating security, and application hosting. As a whole, we are accelerating the progress with the product through running some of the latest and most demanding technology on a large number of servers. Thus, creating a secure and high performing infrastructure is the top priority for iXledger.

Market Insight

Having a wealth of detailed experience in insurance both in-house and externally, we are tailoring our product to eliminate inefficiencies in the marketplace. As a result, the product functionality is partly wire framed and ready to be shared with the insurance markets.


We are defining the value of the participant’s business operations relevant to the marketplace. In order to map specific features needed from both market participant’s perspective, we are receiving regular feedback from potential users to master our user interface and features they want to see implemented in our platform.

As opposed to paperwork and meetings, we are introducing a multitasking feature to enable users to work across several tabs, adjusting their workload. The digitalised environment provides the most efficient, yet simple form of business interactions.

On the other hand, due to the insurance industry’s legacy, we are facing small hurdles in several market participants’ capabilities with regards to moving forward with bringing resources together.


In the financial aspect, we will implement our IXT Token as a ‘Cost and Reward’ structure to serve our users.


We are pleased to be gaining interest from specific insurance product-related parties. Furthermore, we are striving ahead with creating and designing our commercially viable product video to publish, highlighting our key features in action.

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