Product Video + Updates

Watch our first iXledger product video, and read up on our latest updates.

iXledger Product Video

Here’s our new iXledger product video. As we develop various features in to our platform, new videos of our platform will be posted demonstrating our functionalities.

Development & Team

We are implementing core functionality for organisations, teams, permissions and users. This will allow us to provide a LinkedIn type functionality for insurance professionals. We have engaged a UX design agency to optimise the user interface and make sure that despite the complex functionality, it stays user-friendly and slick.

Our latest addition to the team joins on Monday. He is a talented Blockchain developer who will work alongside Linmao and Valdi. Another senior UI developer is at the final stage so we will hopefully be at full capacity soon!

We have implemented an oracle framework. This includes an oracle and various oracle-aware contracts. The oracle watches the blockchain, monitors query events from the oracle-aware contracts, and send back requested data. This allows the contracts to utilise services from both the blockchain and the outside world to implement business logic. Additionally, we have built the infrastructure, on which our future development will be based.

In summary, test coverage and automation have always been our strong focus. The test frameworks have been developed together with the above work.


We are progressing with the Enquiry, RFQ and Quote functionality. We have been focused on aligning this with ACORD standards.

As we are members of ACORD, we are obtaining deeper knowledge about the communication standards in various business processes. This paves the way for better understanding about various initiatives in market modernisation and process developments in the insurance market. We are also joined by a Lloyds reinsurance broker, who is working alongside our insurance specialist. He has a wealth of experience and will advise us how to implement the broker functionality. Our goal here is to gain deep market insight from a broker’s perspective, and make sure we offer strong benefits to the broker firms.

Commercial Activity

Ingemar Svensson, CEO, was invited to speak at Swiss Re’s Blockchain Forum which was attended by their internal blockchain developers, senior management and external participants from B3i. He presented the product and technology architecture and received a very positive response. For us it was a very encouraging sign to get feedback like that from such as knowledgeable and experienced audience.

Our COO & President, Cristina Dolan, was on the panel last Thursday, at the Bloomberg BNA New York event: Digital Businesses: Being Secure in Decentralised Systems.

Cristina Dolan: “Smart Contracts enable efficiencies between parties in a marketplace, for example iXledger — they don’t replace B2B counter-party agreements”
Mark Melodia, Partner, Reed Smith LLP, Cristina Dolan, COO & President, iXledger, Sophia Lee, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, IEX Group, Lisa L. Roitman, Marketing and business strategist, Bloomberg Enterprise Solutions

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