iXledger FAQs

Our FAQ’s will be updated and republished as we make changes.

Frequently Asked Questions



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Q) What exchanges are you listed on?
A) HitBTC, EtherDelta, YoBit. 
Coinmarketcap for more info.

Q) What exchanges are you approaching to get listed?
A) Binance, Livecoin, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Liqui, Gatecoin, BTER, Mercatox, Coss, Shapeshift, and Evercoin

These exchanges will be approached throughout our commercial journey, as we achieve a higher volume and demand among our communities.


Q) What’s your current roadmap? (To be updated)

Sprint 5 (6 Nov, 2017)

  • Blotter insurer/broker — Provides insight into market to assist pre-RFQ and throughout the process
  • Portfolio — Allows you to keep track of your confirmed orders.
  • Filtering Submissions — Market Selection and Targeting. The blotter should be filtered by your particular interested

Sprint 6 (20 Nov, 2017)

  • Submissions. Messaging and RFI — Exchange of instant messages between market participants.
  • Submissions & RFI — RFI is a formal way of requesting and returning additional information.
  • Submissions — When insurers receive RFQ’s they can provide quotes against them.

Sprint 7 (4 Dec, 2017)

  • Submissions Contract template/Digital signing/Market Reform Contract MRC — Both brokers and insurers can associate documents with RFQ’s.

Sprint 8 (18 Dec, 2017)

  • Dashboards insurer/broker — Provides charts, data tables, news feeds etc
  • IXT oracle

Sprint 9 (8 Jan, 2018)

  • IXT integration

Sprint 10 (22 Jan, 2018)

  • Bug fixing until it’s done


Q) What is the aim of the iXledger insurance marketplace?
A) Our goal is to transform the way the market trades and manages insurance products. We aim to offer an insurance marketplace utilising blockchain technology to enable buyers and sellers of insurance on the platform to transact business in a highly efficient and secure manner with easy access to valuable market insight and data.

Q) What problems are you trying to tackle within the sector and what are the solutions you’ll provide?
A) The main problems are most insurance transactions are traded via third parties, such as brokers and other intermediaries. The insurance industry has not fully adopted new technology to supply the demand of the increased concerns of data privacy. Various parties store their own copies of data and process it individually. This makes it time consuming to collaborate all data through a shared process.

Our solution is to use blockchain technology and smart contracts to offer brokers and insurers an end-to-end solution that’s faster and more intuitive. Our platform will also downstream processes related to policies, premiums and claims. Click here to watch our product video.

Q) Is the product open-source? If so, what are the code repository details? If no, why not?
A) Not yet. We will open source some areas of our platform that we believe has community benefits.

IXT Token

Q) How do I see my tokens after contributing to your tokens?
A) Enter the following details manually in your wallet:
Address: 0xfca47962d45adfdfd1ab2d972315db4ce7ccf094
Decimals: 8
Name: iXledger
Symbol: IXT

Q) How will the IXT token be implemented on the platform?
A) The IXT token will be integrated in two ways.

  1. Insurers and brokers will require IXT to pay for transactions on the platform
  2. We will reward other participants with IXT contribute with data.

Q) How has the IXT Token been distributed?
A) Our team pool is vested over 12 months and the reserve will be used once we go live for liquidity and volatility control

Q) How will the insurers, brokers and others buy IXT on the platform?
A) We will provide a convenient mechanism to buy IXT with and directly source this from the markets.


Q) What community channels do you use?
Telegram (Japan)
KakaoTalk (pw: ingemar)

Q) What are the community manager availability hours on the community channels? (UK Time)
A) Monday and Tuesday (10am — 8pm) 
 Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (10am — 2pm, 5pm — 6pm)
 Saturday (8pm — 10pm)

Q) What are Ingemar Svensson’s availability hours on the community channels?
A) Tuesday and Friday (11am — 2pm)

Q) What are your social media channels?
A) Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | YouTube

Q) Do you have plan to have live streaming?
A) We will be hosting a Q&A session on YouTube, where you can send in your questions in advance through Twitter.


Q) Who are the iXledger team members?
A) Ingemar Svensson — Founder & CEO
Cristina Dolan — Co-founder & President US
Mikael Olofsson — Co-founder & President EMEA
Henrik Hoppendorff — Head of Business Development
Charlotte Holmen — Head of Development 
Gurcan Sanli — Social Media & Community Manager 
Valdi Kamenarov — Middleware Developer
Linmao Song — Senior Blockchain Developer
Theodor Port — Junior Blockchain Developer
Mohammed Yafii — Junior Software Developer


Gen Re — Together iXledger and Gen Re will develop solutions for life and health insurance utilising blockchain technology. Click here to read more.

fidentiaX — This strategic partnership with fidentiaX will enable iXledger to open up opportunities in the consumer space. Click here to read more.