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Jan 13, 2018 · 2 min read


To start, let us provide you with a few highlights on what our dev team has been working on:

  • Further work on design and styling of platform, particularly user and company profiles based on feedback (see images)
  • Research into approaches to inter-blockchain communication, particularly around Masternodes
  • Broker / Insurer portfolio view

Upcoming items:

  • Professional Networking features: search, view, invite and connect to other users
  • Market view blotter
  • IXT integration
Broker profile page
Broker and Company page overview

Capital Law workshop

We had a session with Capital Law to run them through our platform in order to advise us on any regulatory or legal requirements we need to satisfy.

The lawyers also helped us understand how upcoming regulation developments in the insurance industry, such as Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD), might offer opportunities for us to solve problems in the sector.

More will follow with our sessions as we will schedule more workshops as we work through our dev sprints.


U.K Office
We are conducting interviews to grow the iXledger team with an additional User-Interface (UI) developer to speed up the process of our platform completion. We will be relocating to a bigger office in February.

U.S Office
Cristina Dolan, President US, is working to create our US entity with offices in Manhattan.

We are working with a graphic designer who is engaging on our website revamp. Our updated website will be in-line with the UI design of our marketplace.


Thanks to our communities, our chances are increasing to list on the Next Exchange through voting on a daily basis. IXT is officially planned for integration on the Next Exchange — more to follow!

We are also in contact with popular exchanges to discuss listing IXT. A current update can not be disclosed yet as it is unofficial at this point.

To learn more about iXledger and to get in touch please follow us on Twitter and join the community discussions on our Telegram channel.


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