iXledger’s Product Development

Shortly after our Approaching Q4 post, we welcome you back with updates on the current ideas for the iXledger platform!

A key page to our platform is the Dashboard, which we are working on providing various useful widgets for, and some of which are:

  • Value of quotes
  • Personalised notifications
  • RFQ’s per month in the industry

The dashboard allows users to select, position and resize the widgets they want to see.

Furthermore, another area we are implementing is the User hierarchies, enabling the platform to provide a rich directory service of all the individuals who are active on the platform, including details such as:

  • Role
  • Specialisation
  • Territories of interest
  • Insurers’ appetite

Not only does this provide a valuable information store, but also a way to determine sensible matching defaults for our RFQ process. It is crucial we filter the RFQ’s, in order to match the two parties in the process of exchanging data to broaden their reach going forward with the data they value most.

Although updates may have been slow on our end — we will be back with you soon for more updates so remain posted!

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