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IRISnet Partnership

ixo and IRISnet have formed a strategic collaboration to implement NFTs and impact verification applications for the Cosmos ecosystem, as a joint force for transitioning to the Green Economy

The current precarious state of the world, and all indications of where we are heading with the Climate Crisis, demands a transition to a low-carbon and green economy. We believe that blockchain technologies –specifically as the foundation for an Internet of Impact, are a critical part of the solution.

In this spirit, ixo and IRISnet have teamed up to build decentralized and trusted technology implementations for sustainable and green tokenized impact economies.

This work will include collaborations on NFT technological implementations and impact verification applications for the Cosmos ecosystem, which can bring about catalytic changes that are urgently needed to avert the devastating consequences of the Climate Crisis.

The IRISnet and ixo teams are both experienced core contributors to Cosmos and Interchain technology development.

The Interchain Earth Mission

ixo has also been mandated by the Interchain Foundation to lead the bold Interchain Earth Mission, to build Cosmos into the leading sustainable and regenerative digital finance ecosystem.

IRISnet has led software development of the NFT Module in the Cosmos SDK, and ixo has pioneered Interchain Standards for NFTs and Verified Metadata. Bianjie, the IRISnet core development team, has been mandated by the Interchain Foundation to provide technical support for the Internet of Blockchains.

We are joining forces and continuing to advance these standards and software developments, to create vibrant markets for digital assets in the tokenised Impact Economy.

The ixo Internet of Impact

To establish the backbone infrastructure for a global Internet of Impact, ixo is working with leading sustainability-focused organisations and impact market-makers across the world to set up Market Relayers who will operate the validator nodes of the Impact Hub network, and build market platforms for connecting sustainable capital, impact project implementers, agents and oracle services.

Dr Shaun Conway, founder of ixo, explains that: “With the Interchain Earth Mission, we are aligning the IBC-interconnected Cosmos Internet of Blockchains to the greater mission of sustainable human development and planetary regeneration. The ixo-Cosmos Impact Hub interconnects these networks to form an Internet of Impact. This is a stateful, graph-based, programmable and trusted Internet for sustainable DeFi and impact verification, which will provide foundational digital infrastructure for the Tokenized Impact Economy. By connecting the Impact Hub with major networks such as IRISnet, we are exponentially expanding the capacity and market reach of this vital new Internet”.

The IRISnet commitment to Green Economy

For the green economy mission, IRISnet is exploring innovations combining the next generation of NFT technology with Big Data privacy protection.

The NFT solutions developed by IRISnet enable multi-dimensional modeling of enterprise carbon credits, with verification of carbon claims and trading activities. Privacy assurances are crucial enablers for enterprises to participate in carbon marketplaces.

Jeffrey Hu, Ecosystem & Research Lead of IRISnet, explains that: “It is of great value to work on how digital finance, especially blockchain NFT technology, can assist in ensuring the accuracy and transparency of reducing and offsetting carbon emissions while transitioning to a green economy.”

A catalytic conversion about joint efforts between Jeffrey Hu (Ecosystem & Research Lead of IRISnet) and Dr Shaun Conway, Founder of ixo

By sharing the same vision as ixo, to create new sustainable forms of green economy, IRISnet is proud to be a founding collaborator in the Interchain Earth Mission, led by ixo.

We believe that together we can enable rapid growth in decentralised networks of people and organisations who are better equipped to take action on the Climate Crisis. We are all in this together!

About ixo — The Internet of Impact

ixo is building an Internet of Impact, which functions like a global digital immune system for humanity, sensing and responding to sustainability threats, and the opportunities to invest in sustainable impact.

Tokenised Impact Markets are being built on the ixo Internet of Impact

The Impact Data Consortium Chain is a ground-breaking example of how marketplaces can be built on the Internet of Impact. Funded by the government of Hong Kong Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund, the IDCC initiative is providing technical assistance and capacity-building to onboard 500 social-purpose organisations who will use the ixo-Cosmos Internet of Impact and ixo software applications, to verifiably claim their impacts and raise capital to grow the impact economy in Hong Kong.

A community currency pilot in Hong Kong, supported by the Interchain Foundation, will digitise local time-bank cooperatives and initiate the path towards sustainable and regenerative DeFi in Asia.

In India, together with a leading financial institution, ixo is piloting its innovative sustainable DeFi mechanism of Alphabonds, for results-based financing of primary education in India, using remote learning technology which integrates with the blockchain.

In Africa ixo will be used as the platform for financing, incentivising and verifying skills development and connect millions of youth to employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, with a focus on the green economy.

About IRISnet

IRISnet is an Interchain Service Hub designed to support the next generation of distributed business applications. Built with Cosmos SDK, IRISnet is dedicated to advancing technology innovations with enterprise-level applications and enables cross-chain interoperability through a unified service model, which supports interchain token transfers, trustworthy data consumption, and computation for systems across a range of sectors and infrastructures (inclusing public blockchains, consortium blockchains and legacy systems). IRISnet technical innovations include iService, NFT, Terse IBC (TIBC) protocol, cross-chain NFT applications, and more.

IRISnet is also a pioneer in the Cosmos ecosystem, having achieved many firsts, such as: the first Cosmos main-net to launch, the first IBC transfer with the Cosmos Hub, the first Cosmos-IRISnet permissioned blockchain, the first integrated NFT module, and the first NFT dApp.

IRISnet core development teams include Bianjie, a national award-winning blockchain technology team based in Shanghai, and Tendermint, the world-famous team that created the Tendermint consensus engine and the Cosmos project.

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