ixo and Ocean Protocol — Blockchain & AI for Impact

We are excited to announce that ixo and Ocean Protocol have come together to address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals using Blockchain and AI. Our first collaboration, alongside the South African-based initiative, FLOW (For Love of Water), will use technology to verify the efforts around the world to save the oceans.

In support of National Geographic’s Planet or Plastic campaign, we are asking the general public to take action against plastic consumption and pollution. This could mean switching to reusable coffee cups, collecting plastic waste from the beach, donating to a charity helping to protect the ocean, influencing change in the local community, or making a pledge to use less plastic, just to name a few. The claims are verified by an independent evaluator on the ixo protocol and all successful claims will go towards the project target.

Data collected through the Planet of Plastic initiative will be made available to AI for Good Foundation projects via Ocean Protocol’s decentralized data sharing protocol. This will be used to foster the development of innovative AI solutions that address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

We caught up Ocean Protocol’s Community Engagement Manager, Sheridan Johns, to talk about our joint initiative.

Can you give a bit of a background on Ocean Protocol — why it was started and some highlights of Ocean’s journey?

Ocean Protocol unlocks data so it can be used productively. The world’s data is growing exponentially yet is massively under-utilized. Most companies have tremendous amounts of data, but have difficulty exploiting it. Conversely, many others are starving for data, particularly in AI. Ocean Protocol allows data providers to share data, while maintaining control and having transparency.

Why have you chosen to partner with ixo and why do you think it’s a good fit?

We are focused on very similar outcomes, but our approaches are different from an implementation perspective. Because we have similar goals, it makes sense to combine forces and work in concert to tackle the problems that face us.

Who will this partnership appeal to?

This partnership should appeal to anyone with a vested interest in transparency and accurate attribution (i.e. everyone).

What excites you most about the partnership?

The possibilities are what excite us. The ability to bridge impact projects with AI capabilities has a massive implication to improving the efficacy of both domains.

Read more in Ocean’s blog “Cleaning the Oceans Using Blockchain + AI

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