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Lohan Spies: ixo Chaos Controller aka Product & Security Advisor

Meet Lohan Spies our Chaos Controller, usually referred to as Product and Security Advisor — but Chaos Controller just sounds better. Lohan has extremely valuable experience in his trade, and is someone the team can always go to with a problem and be sure to receive an outstanding solution.

What does it take to ensure the ixo platform runs smoothly and securely?

Bitcoin set an example for the decentralised community to follow, with a truly open-source, global network that is open to scrutiny and attack by anyone in the world. Our mindset in regards to software is changing from closed proprietary systems to open global systems that rely on the community to assess and analyse the quality and security.

The ixo platform is an open-source collaborative effort between our developers and the community. We are focused on developing high quality software and adhering to secure coding standards, where the community is able to access and analyze the software in the same way that is possible with Bitcoin and others. Through open-source, we are able to decentralize software development efforts, where we and the community are incentivized to ensure the network is secure and runs smoothly at all times. This is synonymous with the “two heads are better than one” approach but on a global scale, where the brightest minds in the world can combine their intellectual capacity to develop and protect the platforms of the future. The wisdom of the “crowd” has proven that we can achieve remarkable feats of engineering.

How did you come to be working in cybersecurity and network infrastructures?

My interest in information technology started at a very early age. Being inquisitive by nature and also enjoying tinkering with computers and technology created a natural career path into the Information Technology sector. After a few years working primarily in the IT systems, networks and mainframe space, I became extremely interested in cybersecurity. I decided that I wanted my career to focus on the security side of things, rather than the system infrastructure. After completing my CISSP qualification in 2005, I moved into a full-time security role and grew from there to ethical hacking and ultimately starting a company focusing on cybersecurity, which I successfully exited not long ago.

Why did you decide to work with ixo?

The vision of ixo resonates with me, and as a true believer in the technology and the mission to change the world, it is a no-brainer to be excited to be working with the ixo team. It provides everyone with a chance to really create a legacy that is bigger than all of us combined. Wouldn’t it be great to look back in 10 years to see the exponential positive impact we helped create in the world? Working with ixo is not only about exciting new technologies, but rather our internal drive and passion to create the change the world needs to create prosperity and inclusion for everyone.

Why should people trust the ixo protocol?

The ixo protocol is being developed as a global infrastructure for anyone to contribute and use according to their needs. Blockchain technology provides a key ingredient to the decentralized future, moving trust from centralized institutions to software running on a global network of nodes. The ixo protocol can be independently scrutinized by anyone which removes the reliance on ixo to provide any form of trust in our protocol. The trust is deeply ingrained in the ixo protocol and the network nodes running the ixo protocol software are able to reach consensus between nodes without any reliance on an external trusted entity.

When and why did you start becoming interested in blockchain technology?

Around 2013, I stumbled onto Bitcoin and very quickly became intrigued by the potential of blockchain technology. It was by mere coincidence that I found the Bitcoin Whitepaper on the internet. At first, it was very much focused on a trustless digital currency like Bitcoin, however after some research it soon became evident that the underlying technology could be repurposed to redesign current systems that are inclusive, interoperable and shared through a trustless set of nodes that keeps state about the network at all times. For me the real magic of blockchain technology is the removal of trusted intermediaries. For the first time, we had a solution that allows anyone to transact peer-to-peer without any prior knowledge or trust between the entities. That is what really makes blockchain technology so powerful, a true global trustless system that is more expensive to attack than to defend. From my background in information security this quickly sparked an interest and passion that still exists today.

Why should the world be optimistic about the potential of blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology changes a few fundamentals that we are very used to in the world. For the first time, we are able to create a global ledger that allows anyone to read and write to the ledger while ensuring that the integrity of the ledger stays intact at all times. The three main components of blockchain are what make me very optimistic about the potential and future applications. These are: 1) Trustless 2) Immutable 3) Decentralised PKI. This also creates new challenges and the two primary challenges are the UI/UX and key management. We are still in the starting blocks of what the technology is capable of and we will see use cases being developed in future that no one is even capable of imagining right now. Let’s embrace this beautiful technology and be part of the change that’s happening at this very moment.

What does a normal day working with ixo look like for you?

When working with ixo, my day is usually related to providing input and guidance in relation to the technical aspects of the ixo protocol design. Beyond that, I provide business advisory services.

What has been your proudest moment with ixo?

Seeing a vision distill into a feasible technical implementation which we now refer to as the ixo protocol, the blockchain for impact. It’s been a long journey to get this far, and I am extremely proud to have been part of the process since the beginning.

If you have any questions for Lohan feel free to ask in our Telegram group.

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