Reintroducing ixo

Our new look with our same vision

Last September, we introduced ixo to the world, and ever since, we’ve been working tirelessly to create the blockchain for impact. Our work has taken us around the world and given us the opportunity to collaborate with thought leaders from both the impact and blockchain spaces. It’s been an incredible journey so far, and we’re looking forward to all the victories, challenges, and opportunities the new year has to offer.

Now, we would like to reintroduce ixo to the world. We’ve been working with Ritual Studio to create a brand and identity for ixo that accurately reflects our values and mission. We’re so excited about what we’ve come up with together, and in this post, we want to let you in on the thinking behind our new brand and logo.

The Impact Tesseract

You cannot have a line without a series of dots, and you cannot have a cube without a series of lines, just as you cannot have a tesseract without the progression of cubes. The tesseract in its simplest definition is a progression of cubes within a cube projected through time over duration.

Our new look and brand originates from this idea of progression over time. Considering the dimensions of the tesseract, the idea of time is added to show this progression, a cube within a cube, a dimension of the present projected into the future. Impact cannot be accounted for if it is not measured in time, and we at ixo want to add this 4th dimension of time to what we all know as the Impact Economy 3D space — we would like to present the Impact Tesseract.

An Impact event is not contained in one moment in time. Impact x Time = value and the idea of the Impact Tesseract contains impact over time with an exponential growth in value.

Planting a tree has an impact, but how much?

A single tree’s contribution to the surrounding environment needs to imply an improvement. As the sapling grows into a larger tree, that progression should be measured and optimized to determine if additional resources are needed. Subsequently, the data on how much the tree has grown has implications for the surrounding environment and how these things are measured will describe the tree’s impact. When all these timelines and the accompanying data is combined, a projection into the future can be made. What started as a single tree could, over time, grow into an entire forest that can offset carbon emissions, provide valuable data on soil conditions, serve as habitat for wildlife — exponentially more impact than originally recorded.

An example Impact Tesseract for SDG 15 — Life on Land: Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.

An impact event cannot be contained in one moment — it needs to move forward in time. Through this movement forward in time, single impact projects gain value through accountability, transparency and measured, verified data. With these extra parameters in duration, there is an exponential growth in value. The Impact Tesseract is not only a move forward in time, but also in accountability, transparency and verifiable data over time which leads to exponential growth and value.

Projection is the key

You cannot measure the 4th dimension without projecting it over time and duration, and this idea of projection alludes to looking into the future. Ultimately, that is what reaching the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 is all about —ixo is achieving Impact over Time, and in so doing, counting what matters and valuing what counts.

The “x” in ixo is a deconstructed Impact Tesseract and is our mark on on the #ImpactEconomy

And while some things change, some stay the same…

We’re honored to have established exceptional partnerships and are excited about the upcoming projects with UNICEF, Innovation Edge, Microsoft, Ocean Protocol, Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition, Singularity Ventures, Gold Standard, and most recently Socialsuite. There’s never been a more exciting time to be a part of the impact and crypto communities, and this year, we hope to create even more bridges between the two — and we’d love to have your help!

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