The ixo Keysafe, KYC and becoming an ixo member

The ixo protocol is transforming the way impact is tracked and verified. We know that, as a team, we sometimes get a little caught up in the detail of ixo and our valued supporters can get lost along the way. This is why we’ve written a blog taking us back to the basics — What is the ixo Keysafe? What is KYC? And why do we need to complete both in order to become members of If anything is still unclear, please contact us anytime.

What is the ixo Keysafe?

Your ixo Keysafe is your connection to the ixo blockchain. It allows you to manage your profile and sign transactions on ixo projects.

It is a secure identity vault that stores your identity with public and private keys.

A Sovrin DID (Decentralized Identifier) is also generated and ledgered onto the ixo blockchain, allowing all interaction with the ixo blockchain to be encrypted and protected.

ixo does not store any personal data and will never share personal information with any other party without the member’s consent.

How do I install the ixo Keysafe?

Step 1: Click through to get the ixo Keysafe extension for Chrome. Please note that the extension currently performs best on Chrome.

Step 2: Click “Add to Chrome” to Install Keysafe as an extension.

Step 3: Click “Add Extension” on the pop-up to confirm.

Step 4: Click on the Keysafe icon that is now visible in your browser header and continue with your credential registration.

Step 5: Enter your name and a strong password.

Step 6: You will receive your backup phrase (12 words) which will help to secure your account. Make sure you store your phrase in a safe place. 
If you do lose this, please tell the ixo bot ‘I forgot my Keysafe password’ and he will be happy to help.

Step 7: Step 3 will ask you to repeat your phrase in the correct order. 
This is to confirm that you have stored it somewhere safe.

Step 8: You have now successfully registered and have your own decentralized identity (DID).

Step 9: Refresh your browser should your name not be visible on the header.

Why do I have to KYC to be an ixo member?

ixo provides trust. The KYC process is one of the tools we use to provide this trust, as it ensures everyone you interact with in is vetted by a third party.

KYC stands for ‘Know your Customers’. It is a safe, secure and fully transparent process to vet any individuals or organisations that would like to stake or earn IXO tokens. This ensures complete trust within

Our KYC provider treats your personal data confidentially, in accordance with the applicable data protection laws and, in particular, with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

What about service providers?

At present, service providers do not need to go through the KYC process. This is because they do not stake or earn IXO tokens. All agents, however, must install and log into the ixo Keysafe to interact with projects.

We are very excited to announce that the ixo app is now available to download on the App Store and Google Play. From here, service providers can go through the registration process and submit claims on projects.

How do I KYC to become a member?

Step 1: Log into your ixo Keysafe (see above)

Step 2: Go to the ixo registration site and complete the application.

You will need your National ID card or passport and a proof of address to complete your application. The process will take you approximately 5 minutes to complete. Once completed, you will be a vetted and trusted member of

Membership will give you:

  • Access to services, applications and communities
  • A discount on your first subscription (40% discount — Pioneer Members)
  • A digital passport to the ixo World ecosystem (a self-sovereign digital ID and portable KYC credential that you own)
  • Special Offers (includes early access to new products & features, access to events & experiences, bounty programs & airdrops, and more).

If you have questions, contact us anytime at

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