April 3rd, 2018

News and updates from the ixo team and global community

Coming back from the Easter holiday, the office has been a buzz with the team preparing for a busy week ahead. Among new developments in the tech team there is also much work to do with the first cohort of the Ambassador Program. This has now been closed (for this first round — still subscribe if you want to join the second round!) and we will be contacting all the applicants soon with on-boarding procedures.

Over the next two months, members of the ixo team will be traveling to Boston, New York, San Francisco, London, Oxford, Zurich, Beijing, Hong Kong, Australia, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and more! Look out for meet-ups with Shaun next week in London & Oxford and let us know in the telegram chat if you want to join in.


  • Fennie and Luke Mulks from Brave were part of a discussion hosted by Fitz Maro, the innovation lead at i360
  • From the tech team: “we containerized a PDS (project data store) and it now runs on a docker instance”
  • Submissions for the first cohort of ixo Ambassadors are now CLOSED

Upcoming Events

  • Fennie will be moderating the panel at Mogul Inc.’s “Women in Crypto” event at the Hearst Tower (NYC) on Thursday. Tickets are sold out but you can register to watch the live webinar here
  • Fennie’s talk with Viktoriya Petrova from the Online Crypto Summit will be aired on Monday the 9th of April, register here for free access
  • Also, on the 9th of April, Fennie will be part of a Blockchain for Social Impact panel discussion at Columbia University
  • Fennie will be speaking about blockchain and tokenizing climate impacts at Gold Standard’s Grow To Zero event in Berlin from April 18–19

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