February 19, 2018

News and updates from the ixo team and community

Last week was another week of progress and travel for the ixo team. Shaun has travelled from Europe to the USA, where he will be for the next few weeks. The development team made significant progress after the hackathon with Microsoft to create claim templates that will be used by service agents. The growth team has been pushing out infographics and diagrams across all social media channels— and our community is growing rapidly!


  • The Dev team finished another sprint: now on the ixo web portal, service, evaluation, and/or funding agents can register and be approved on projects
  • Shaun, Fennie, and ixo advisor, Saul Hudson, hosted a workshop at ETHDenver (Watch the entire event livestream here)

ixo Community Map

Our community is super important to us, and during our weekly Friday meetings, the entire ixo team looks at a map of where our community (at least from social media) is concentrated. From now on, we thought we would share that same map with you, so you can see ixo’s presence in your country and help us grow!

The lighter regions represent higher levels of engagement on social media

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