February 5, 2018

News and updates from the ixo team and community

And just like that, we’re already one month into 2018! Last week was incredibly busy and productive for the entire ixo team. Talks were given, meetings were held, hacks were attended, code was written and content was created — across three different continents.

Our founder, Shaun Conway, held a mini meet-up last week in Berlin, and he’s now in London, looking to do the same — keep an eye out for details soon. If you’re hosting an event, wanting to collaborate, or just have a few questions, send us an email at info@ixo.foundation.


  • The dev team completed a hackathon with Microsoft and successfully created a React Native SDK for the ixo module
  • The Foundation Council held their quarterly meeting in Zug, Switzerland
  • Fennie gave a presentation at The Global Sourcing Council 2018 Annual Meeting (start at 1:05:30)
  • We released a blog post about our new logo — the Impact Tesseract
  • We’ll be starting an interview series with different members of our team — join our Telegram and submit your questions for Shaun this week!

Upcoming Events

ixo in the News

  • Our new friend, Marcus, a “tech scout” from Norway, wrote a short article about us on Steemit — we’ve recently joined Steemit too, follow us here
  • Shaun was interviewed for the “Founders in Focus” podcast
  • For all our community members who speak Chinese, we were featured in this article

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