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Weekly Update — May 14th, 2018

News and updates from the ixo team and global community

#BlockchainWeekNYC has been fantastic so far! We’ve met some amazingly talented people who are working tirelessly, just like us, to build the decentralized future we all deserve. Dr Shaun Conway, Fennie Wang and Bruce Good have been in New York City to spread the word of the blockchain for Impact that we’re currently building and to engage with likeminded projects. We are continuing to make great strides toward our MVP launch which will be here sooner than you think.

Recent Events

  • The team has really been busy this week, Shaun, Fennie and Bruce are in New York for Ethereal Summit where likeminded people having been sharing their ideas and visions for a decentralized future.
Aya Miyaguchi from the Ethereum Foundation
  • We recently conducted a Technical design workshop in New York with Tom Snyder from Seneca Park Zoological Society — Interesting things to come! #SDG15
Fennie Wang, Carlos Orte, Dr Shaun Conway, Tom Snyder & Bruce Good
Picture Credit: Alicia Noel
  • On the May 13th Shaun spoke at Blockchain (R)Evolution’s event in NYC. He spoke about how we’re changing the world as one of the leading impact projects in the blockchain space.
Picture credit: Julian Sommer

Community & Upcoming Events

Tech Updates

Our Teach team is making some awesome progress as we near closer and closer to realising our MVP.

  • We can now record project and user data onto our blockchain using the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint.
  • We’ve made some more progress with our Project Data Store which we will share with all of you once we have it completely finalised.

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