Weekly Update — May 28th, 2018

News and updates from the ixo team and global community

We’re almost half way through 2018! May was an extremely busy month, and a lot of the team have been traveling. We have some exciting announcements coming up for our close knit community members — stay tuned, your early adoption will soon be a rewarded…For community members and partners in Switzerland, our Smart Impact Bond workshop in Zurich is one and half weeks away — don’t forget to submit your proposals for attendance!

Recent Events

Joyce speaking at the Blockchain Centre in Melbourne, Credits: Blockchain Centre
Blockchain for Good, Hosted by Peace Innovation Institute

Community & Upcoming Events

  • Our Smart Impact Bond Workshop in Zurich is approaching and the team have been thoroughly preparing for it! We’re really excited for this!
  • On Wednesday the 6th of June, Julian Sommer will be hosting a meet-up in Zurich that will feature guests from ixo, Porini Foundation, Sweetbridge, Stanford Peace Innovation, UBS Optimus and the Impact Investment Association.

Tech Updates

The team has successfully created transactions on the ixo blockchain via Elysian (PDS). The team has also created the ixo blockchain explorer and synchronized with the ixo blockchain, and they’ve added a public enclave to the PDS which stores public information.

We’re working hard and moving forward! Have a great week!

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