Weekly Update — May 7th, 2018

News and updates from the ixo team and global community

More great strides made this week as our growing team puts the final touches to our roadmap — to be released this week. Shaun and Lohan flew the flag in Dubai and Switzerland, while we welcomed two experienced senior developers. Our team of ambassadors has been spreading the word, while Ajani Husbands wrote an insightful piece titled Social Impact Bonds Need Blockchain Technology. Fennie Wang is headed back to the States for #BlockchainWeekNYC, this time Bruce and Shaun will be joining her as we prepare for our 1st ixo community meet-up.

Recent Events

The Co-founder & President of the ixo Foundation Dr Shaun Conway & Antonio Potenza the Zug ixo Ambassador

Community & Upcoming Events

  • We’re hosting our 1st ixo community meet-up in New York City on May 14th in the Williamsburg Hotel. Dr Shaun Conway, Fennie Wang, Bruce Good and Paul Kohlhaas will be attending. This is a great opportunity to meet some of the people behind ixo.

Tech Updates

  • The full go live scope for the ixo web portal and the ixo mobile app has been finalized.
  • The Tech team is also building out the Project Data Store and it is nearing completion for the functionality required for it to go live.
  • We have made a decision to move forward with Cosmos and Tendermint for the ixo public blockchain and we have finalized the scope and the Tech team is in the process of building that out too.

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