Song of the Month : Green and Gold

a perfect match combination between RnB and Alternative Licks.

As guitarist who play RnB and also like to hear alternative rock licks, i always seek a good formula to combining it. For me it kinda hard, because they like different, such like north and south polar. I like to use delay when make some licks, to make broad feeling and atmosphere. Sometimes i still not found the perfect match yet, because get confused when combining a tight beat with delay licks.

It’s been around 9 years long, finding what the secret formula for combining these. I think my searching is over, until i found Lianne La Havas. (luckily i found her in Spotify, in recommend list. Thank you Spotify !)

Lianne La Havas, from UK. a woman with beautiful voice with guitar, who can resist that ? —

The first song i heard was her hits, “Green and Gold”. At first 5 second, my eyes startled out, when hearing the opening. It’s guitar picking style — and this is RnB song ! After the guitar play, comes the drum play. Surprise, the beat is tight, but still can sync with how guitar plays. And when the part vocal come, warm voice comes up, make the song become “classy”. IMO, her voice has same character with Esperanza Spalding, even their looks though.

Green and Gold acoustic version, only her and guitar. Best acoustic tunes for 2016
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