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Addicted to the #Social-Media?

There are too many people like me are spending their time on social media.

Sometimes I look back on the spent time, I realize how much time I’ve wasted then I searched tips on the web and I got some common answers related to work focus and etc.

Some of the tips I would like to share with you. Cause normally out of 10 people 7 or people spending their 2 to 3 productive hours in digital gossips on social media sites.

Scrolling on time-line is sometimes interesting due to updates from individuals or friends. But when I get the estimates of time I have spent on social media I got surprised that I have spent 40 to 50 minutes to scroll timeline and watching crafts, DIY and science videos that are very entertaining but not productive. Therefore I have put some criteria that can stop me to waste of the time.

So finally I got references to some applications that are very useful to manage the productive time in a smart way.

An application I prefer to use to prevent social addiction is social fever.

It will help to change the way to preserve quality time in a productive way.

See you in the next story…Have a wonderful time… :)




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