A week on autopilot.

I am writing this at around 2am on a Friday night / Saturday morning. I have managed to navigate the week. I cannot remember much about it unless I focus very carefully. It feels like a journey made on autopilot. Distinctly intangible.

Monday. What did I do on Monday? Work, I believe. Was I at the university? Yes, it has come back to me. I met a client on campus and ensured they were getting on ok once they started filming around town for their project. Then a couple of meetings. One with a staff member. One with two students. Then some other things. I think I stayed in town for a little while but I cannot remember exactly.

I remember I had one of those horrendous afternoons programming where a fix for a bug was not forthcoming and my brain was becoming more useless with every passing minute; less alert; courting sleep. This may have been Tuesday. I am not sure.

Then the rest of the week continued in a similar vein. I have nothing more to add and my brain is becoming seriously foggy. I shall relent and let the sleepiness wash over me.