Strip away the fabrications of the spectrum

Strip existence down to the core.

There is a spectrum upon which we sit. It is a spectrum that bows under the weight of an inordinate number of things and feelings.

Pegged to the spectrum are things we enjoy, things we despise, everything over and under and in between. We often believe the spectrum defines us but it is the extremities alone which are of importance.

Take away all fabrications and strip existence down to the core. Remove other humanly constructs such as music and literature and sport and technology.

Strip it down to the core.

Think about communication; think about fundamental human connection through words, sight, or even touch.

Strip it down to the core.

Try removing language and focus on feelings. If you lived with no frivolity, no technology, no common language, how would you look at someone if they underwent a trial before your eyes. With empathy or apathy?

This is what you are.

You are not your preferences, your hobbies, your work, your attire, your persona.

You are the sum of your human feelings; nothing more.

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