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Why I Don’t Want Kids?

This Is The Reasons Why I’m Going To Stay Childless

Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

I remember when I was little I imagined having a son with a wife. I thought it would be pretty because almost every adult has kids.

But as I hit 25, I realized kids are not what they cut out to be. I knew kids are expensive, but I didn’t think they can be a lot.

Let me explain.

My Experiences With Children

I remember when Skylar, my best friend’s niece, was two. She was so adorable.

One night, I came to their place to visit and saw the little girl playing with her toys. I knelt down to say hi, and she said this: “Go away”.

You don’t know how close I was to knocking down her toys.

She’s not like that anymore; she’s seven.

Still, I don’t think I want to have kids any time soon because they can be pretty mean.

Plus, I’m also scared they might get taken away from me even after being a great father. It doesn’t sound fair at all.

My Biggest Thing

Even though kids can be great sometimes, but I felt like I have been putting with children my whole life. For instance, my sister, my ex-roommate, some of ex-friends, and some of my exes.

I don’t think I’ll be taking care of any human being any time soon, except for me.

I’m just now getting my life together. I don’t need my life to have any challenges. I want to stay on the beach on the sun without any worries.


Because after all that crap I’ve been through, I deserve it.



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