The $3 trillion data quality opportunity and our investment in Validio

Co-authored-by Oliver Molander.

Luca Banderet
Dec 8, 2020 · 9 min read

After 2.5 years of building their platform in stealth, J12 partnered up with Swedish data validation company Validio, leading a $1.5m seed round along DHS Venture Partners. (Article, Swedish)

Our decision was largely based on:

And we have decided to share some of our reflections here:

1.1) Opportunity

📚 Data source: The Digitization of the World From Edge to Core by IDC
📚 Data source: The quest for high-quality data by O’Reilly

“Data scientists & data engineers, the white-collar cleaners & plumbers?” — For many companies attracting and retaining data scientists and data engineers is extremely costly. Still, many data scientists and data engineers end up spending up to 80% of their time wrangling and fixing bad data, a task that is rarely enjoyed and leads to frustration beyond the enormous financial cost for the company. We believe that there is a significant willingness to pay for any service reducing that pain point. We’ve understood that validating data manually takes significant extra effort and time from other business-critical and frankly more enjoyable work. Data engineers are responsible for ensuring that data is trustworthy and delivered at the expected quality. Controversially, when looking at how important the role is, we’ve observed how ill-equipped many are to do that necessary work. Automating data validation and quality monitoring with software will reduce the burden of data science teams, allowing them to focus on more value-adding (and enjoyable) work.

That is what the Validio founders are obsessed to build: the best data validation and data quality monitoring software in the world.

1.2) Timing

👀Original high-res image 📚 Source: Blueprints for data infrastructure by a16z

Subsequently, we’ve heard from various market leaders that the necessity and willingness to invest in better data quality has matured significantly during the past 18 months, from being a relatively nascent topic at top management.


2.1) Team

2.2) Execution (potential)


3) Fit with J12

A big thank you to J12 advisor Oliver Molander for his crucial contributions to this post, our reflections, and eventually our decision to partner with Validio.

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