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Why we invested in Henry — the future of work through the lense of the employee experience

Slacking at work (in the literal sense of the word — not referring to the use of Slack, the popular team messaging app), loss of motivation, a depleting sense of purpose and engagement, early departures and discontent… these are widespread symptoms of sloppy, or at worst lacking, processes for caring for the team members in your organization. And they appear for a reason: properly caring for your employees is hard work — requiring time, expertise and dedication.

The current state of affairs shows 85% of employees are either not engaged or actively disengaged at work. Failing to address the issue has a human, as well as quantifiable cost, one that Gallup, in its State of the Global Workplace 2017 report estimates to a dismal $7 trillion in lost productivity. Companies with a standard onboarding process in place are much more likely to increase both productivity and retention of new employees, but there still is a lot of room for improvement (Lombardi, M., Onboarding 2011: The Path to Productivity).

Henry takes the bull by the horns and gives employers a unique platform that modern companies can use to better support their people and teams across the entire employee life cycle, from onboarding to exit.

Henry is the first intelligent insight platform that makes gathering feedback human, understanding it intuitive, and acting on it simple — CEO Vedran Ismaili.

We adhered to the mission and lauded the use of a conversational AI bot (named, as you’ve guessed it, Henry) to allow employers to build scalable, engaging and value-adding processes for gathering feedback from their employees.

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Why we invested? We found the founder & CEO, Vedran Ismaili, and the team he gathered around Henry, to be people highly capable of executing on their ideas and dedicated to building a scalable product and organisation with big ambitions for the future of work. Having shown early progress in successfully engaging high-value B2B customers and delivering on their objectives to them, we saw an opportunity for our fantastic angel network to add their salt to the mix through their expertise of scaling B2B companies and acquiring new customers, as well as working with B2B business models.

Together with our Angel Partners from DHS Mattias Miksche, Per Hallius, Mårten Vading, Bo Mattsson and Johan Siwers — we aim to help the company reach new heights.

Very excited about the journey ahead. Get on board!

Alexander Paterson


To learn more about who we are and how we try to contribute to early-stage innovation feel free to visit

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