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Silicon Valley is Ditching Social Media and Betting Big on the Metaverse. This is How We Can Benefit from it.

There is sunrise and there is sunset. Immersive user experience is the battleground.

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4 min readAug 14, 2021
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Blockchain technology, Web 3.0, Non-Fungible Tokens, Bitclout.

They used to be the Next Big Thing. Today, they are here. We are trying to figure out how to best use them to create content, grow our business, and make a living.

Social media used to be the in-thing.

We scroll through images, texts, eagerly waiting for fresh content from our favorite, top influencer to be published.

Today, quick scrolls are what we do.

Now, the Metaverse is coming.

This terminology was popularised by Mark Zuckerberg recently in Facebook’s quarterly earnings results.

“Facebook has many pressing problems, from proposed antitrust legislation to accusations that the company is contributing to vaccine misinformation. But when CEO Mark Zuckerberg joined a recent conference call with analysts to discuss its latest quarterly results, much of the focus was on something far removed from those issues: the metaverse. During the hour-long call, the metaverse was mentioned nearly two dozen times.”

- CNN Business, Why Silicon Valley is betting on making this dystopian sci-fi idea a reality

What is the Metaverse, and how does it come about?

Building a Digital Universe All Around Us

Today, the digital world exists in our smart devices. There is a physical gap between the various light-emitting rectangles and our senses.

The digital world is well and alive in a box. It is part of our living experience.

The Metaverse is different. It is meant to deliver a 360-degree, immersive experience in the digital world.

Try imagining having a cup of coffee with Super Mario, Gandalf the White, and Sonic the Hedgehog.



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