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Illustration by Shayla Tricam

Poetry | Two poems by Melissa Sussens

Joy Mechanics

purple-kneed and glowing
we tollgate past dusk
we race car drivers
we joy mechanics
tomorrow we will wake with the birds
to do it all over again
we may find our home back here,
in the street
or perhaps at the bottom of the garden
we may dive heart first
into the swimming pool
we have no need for air,
only sunshine
and dreaming
we shopkeepers of innocence
we synchronised swimmers
our lungs lengthen in laughter
our days stretch into one
with watermelon served, skin on
our fingers sticky with the sweetness
of childhood
we refuel to race
after each other again
believing nothing
can catch us
but a friend
a hand
out to

Illustration by Shayla Tricam

The Whale

Bio: Melissa Sussens is a veterinarian and poet who finds herself through writing. She performed at the Poetry in McGregor festival in 2018 and her poems are forthcoming in Germ Magazine.



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