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Twitch’s #JackassPodcast embraces its second season with a new structure and cast.

The WHAT podcast?

Mar 11, 2016 · 11 min read

Some time ago, Jacklifear received a suggestion from a Twitch broadcaster by the handle of PixelMonkey: a large group of people should get together and play an online multiplayer game while an audience could watch the fun. Before we knew it, 25 broadcasters were all invited to talk about streaming, life lessons, and ideals. Every Saturday since then has gathered new guests and new topics, creating conversations ranging from the comedic to the contemplative.

This live event was soon named the “#JackassPodcast” after the host, Jacklifear. This podcast walked the line between professional and casual, allowing broadcasters to relax from their usual online persona while still communicating within the professional structure that the show provided. People could talk about what drives them or moves them, but with the help of a discussion format that gives everything cohesion.

The most noticeable aspect of the podcast was its large, rotating cast; breaking out of the standard 4-person format, the #JackassPodcast had 8 to 25 individuals each night that came from a variety of backgrounds. Some were independent game developers, some were Twitch staff members, others were channel moderators or even viewers with a good perspective to share.

Over the course of 83 episodes, this podcast touched on themes that were relevant to budding broadcasters, to fans of the guests, or even just everyday life. Fun and games are quite common, but the show shined best when it started real chats about broadcaster depression, females in gaming, LGBT communities, concerns of the creative community, and pressures to create personas in order to appeal to the audience. With over 290 broadcasters over its first season, the #JackassPodcast is determined to see what the second season holds in store.

Season 2 takes us from “Jackass” to “Badass”

There are many changes to look forward to in Season 2: from new technology, better production value, and even a full featured core cast, let’s get into the specifics of how the next season is going to be even greater than the first.

We have the right structure

We’ve learned a lot of lessons over two years. One such lesson is how to balance conversation: too many guests means you can’t get everyone’s opinion, and too few guests means there isn’t enough exposure to the topic. The sweet spot we’ve found is nine individuals per show.

Consistency is also something we learned to improve, attempting to fit the right guests to the right themes. We’ve pulled together an incredible core cast that can fill half of the guest seats and bring more stability to the broadcast. That isn’t to say that the content will no longer be spontaneous. The group has a variety of differing opinions that’ll guide the show in unpredictable ways.

With four seats being occupied by our core cast, we can seek four guests that are relevant to the week’s topic. The final seat will be given to our administrator, who specializes in remarkably appropriate GIFs to display, which brings a bit of light levity. The duration of the podcast will also shorten down to three hours. Initially, each show started with an hour of gameplay to “break the ice,” but it’s been more of a detraction from good discussion than a starting point for it.

We have the right technology

Overlays on Twitch are pretty standard, especially for podcasts. The question is, how do you take it a step further in terms of organizing and coordinating an entire group? While we can’t reveal all of the upcoming features, we can share the following:

  • Coming onto the show sacrifices potential support for a broadcaster’s own channel. We’re looking at ways of allowing guests to receive subscriptions and donations while being on the podcast. We will speak more about the method and technology to this when it’s fully developed.
  • Sometimes saying, “Follow this person,” isn’t enough. We plan to provide benefits to the audience for supporting those who guest on the show. We’re prioritizing space on our intro, break, and outro screens to provide information and details about each person. We also have technology to allow them to fill out their own branding and details.
  • Support is always nice, but is it fun? We have plans to game-ify the support that the viewers give to our guests, ensuring that the most is made of our guests’ time while producing some interesting memories.
  • Sleek, smooth, professional, and functional. Our new design will be a pleasure to watch and maintain. The backend admin panel will have functionality that allows multiple production managers to ensure that little hiccups can be handled without mention. The foreground will have natural animations that will speak to the audience much more than “fade to scene x”.
  • The new podcast will also be segmented in such a way to easily transition to YouTube, SoundCloud and iTunes, for your listening and viewing pleasure.

While we will start with only the most basic of features, it will be worked on and adjusted as the season goes on. So many more features will come to fruition, so you’ll just have to wait and see.

We have the right people

In season 1, the consistent host/co-host duo of Jacklifear and Jooygirl was complimented well with KDraconis behind the administration. We’ve expanded with a group of core cast members who will assist in bringing you the most hilarious, real, and informative content you can hope to see.

While these members won’t be live every week, they’ll fill the additional seats when they feel that their expertise would fit the content. They will also fill in seats as needed in case some unexpected obstacles come up for the guests, adding consistency to the show’s content in a casual/professional way.

It is our pleasure to introduce the following as our core cast:

Chatia12 is all about casual fun. To quote the Twitch Broadcaster King_Foom, her cast is “like having everyone over to sit on her couch and play video games, but you don’t drink her beer or get your Dorito fingers all over her controllers.” She’s been a part of JTV and Twitch for 6 years, and while she doesn’t have a set streaming schedule, she broadcasts whenever she can. During the day, Chatia12 works as a cancer researcher.

IronChefBobbyFlail is a full-time broadcaster who leads his community to bring acceptance and kindness to the Grand Theft Auto directory on Twitch. His streams are live every day except Tuesdays, running from 3 a.m. PST up to eight or more hours. As a Dungeons & Dragons fan, IronChefBobbyFlail plays in two weekly shows on WolfsGoRawr and WackSteven’s channels, not to mention two shows he plans to start on his own channel later this year.

As the host of the #JackassPodcast, Jacklifear has shows that focus on sincerity and helping others, with a bit of randomness thrown in. He’s live all week excluding Thursday, in the evenings from 8 p.m. to 11p.m. PST. Outside of the podcast, he hosts other gaming talk shows as well as participating in charity events that have raised over $12,000 over the past two years. In addition he’s a 20-year veteran GM for the roleplaying system, Earthdawn, which he hosts on his channel too. He’s been featured in the TwitchCon 2015 panel, “Community as Content,” and was the primary coordinator for 3 live #JackassPodcast events.

A casual broadcaster by choice, JessyQuil uses gameplay and Twitch as a background to have real talk with the audience. Subjects such as psychology and social justice are common and appreciated among her chat, which you can find most nights after 5 p.m. PST. During the day she’s a PR manager of influencers & content creators. She’s essentially the handshake between developers of all kinds and content creators, creating connections that allow for great promotions of games and opportunities for streamers. All of this combined adds to her very intellectual skillset to the show. By the way, she’s the hedgehog lover of the group and a serious pineapple pizza advocate.

From the beginning, Jooygirl has provided much of the laughter, memories and intellect as the co-host of the #JackassPodcast. Her only day off Tuesday is to recharge her batteries as she is live all other afternoons starting around 5pm PST. Her gameplay focuses on MMOs, RPGs and adventure games but her content is focused on intimate fun and good times with her community. If you visit at the right time, you may be able to hang out with her for a dinner date.

A man of few words and “The dude with the GIFs,” KDraconis is an administrator for the #JackassPodcast. He doesn’t stream himself, but works behind the scenes to help get the podcast organized, from working on documentation, editorials such as this, or finding new animated GIFs to lighten the mood at times the podcast gets too serious. During the day, he transcribes documents and articles.

Kiwifails is full of sass, lewd jokes, and strange voice impersonations, all of which bring a lot of comedy to her shows as a full-time broadcaster. She’s live in the mornings from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. PST, on every day but Tuesdays and Fridays. Kiwifails puts a lot of emphasis on making her channel a safe space for people of all genders and sexualities, which involves prompting lots of real talk about important issues.

Ms_Chaotica is a streamer who mostly spends her time on Twitch moderating chats with her brand of snark and innuendo. While typically around on weekday evenings, she tends to real life responsibilities on the weekends. Ms_Chaotica has been doing internet radio broadcasting off and on since the beta of The Matrix Online, and she brings that valuable experience to the team. She does not have a coffee problem.

A “moderating expert,” Nom_Nom_Freshmin helps a lot of streamers with moderating their chats. Other than assisting others as a moderator, he also streams on weekdays whenever possible. His honesty, which sometimes turns brutal, puts serious discussions into the right perspective. Other times, his wit takes that discussion to outbursts of laughter. Recently finishing school for the management of culinary arts, he’s also able to talk a mean dish if the conversation touches on food.

A gentle voice with a strong intellect behind it, OG_Arist0tle is a very observant member of the time. His life focuses on positivity, good conversation, and caring for others, which he imbues upon his broadcasts likewise. He streams every day except Wednesdays, running from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. PST, with weekend streams being longer. He’s known for the development of the minecraft mod Project Ozone as that’s a focus of his stream and typically finds itself sharing his positivity by it’s focus on charity. He also loves DDR.

When you need deadpan random jokes, shock humor, or puns, look no further than Scarletr0se. As she just moved across country, her broadcast timing is unpredictable. She approaches her community and content with openness about life. In addition, many know Scarlet for as the backbone coordinator of large scale live events for the prestigious Twitch team, “The BuildGuild” that has earned her a reputation as a coordinator behind the scenes as well skilled as a full-time broadcaster in front of the screen.

Smokaloke is the full-time streamer who makes up for his inability to grow a beard with his phenomenal voice. His shows put heavy focus on energetic and interactive streaming, which tends to make him prone to yell obscenities at the varied video games he broadcasts. Additionally he enjoys playing a little guitar, singing for his audience and spreading good feelings for his community who always seems to be smiling as much as him.

Chill, thoughtful gaming is what you can expect from SpencerAWest, all accented by facial hair and questionable choices in music. He quietly rages at games, kind of like a duck swimming through Jell-O. You can catch his streams on weekday evenings or weekend days. As well, he’s a specialist and enthusiast for audio quality. Or if we use his preferred title, the audiophile.

StripedogBT is intensely interested in learning about how things and people work. His name is a reference to the redwall series, as he had an appreciation for the Stripedogs within it. Thus his nickname, “Badger”. He goes live on Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m. with a group gameplay night with his friends. Wednesdays he’s live at 5:30 p.m. PST challenging difficult games to completion. He brings intellect, a glorious beard and dry humor with him to the show.

Breaking down tough topics and talking through the process, tehMorag is a streamer that loves to talk with anyone. He can’t grow facial hair that looks good in any way, and his streaming schedule is all over the place. The most likely times that he’s live is around 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. PST. He’s a stranger to sleep, and a lover of everything Cups. In addition, he’s one of the founding members of the Twitch stream team, Main Menu.

Getting that last word in

It’s an exciting time for the #JackassPodcast, and there are some great things waiting to be unveiled. Whether you’re an enthusiast of the podcast or a casual passerby, hopefully the spectacle of Season 2 will keep you coming back for more.

See you at the Season 2 Pilot at March 12th at 8pm PST, live on Twitch

The author of the post, Jacklifear, is the coordinator and host of the #JackassPodcast and other gaming talk shows on Twitch. He is reachable on twitter @Jacklifear. You may watch his content live on Twitch nightly starting at 8pm PST at

Jackass Podcast

The #JackassPodcast is a Talk Show hosted on Twitch. You can see it live every Saturday evening at 8pm PST


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Community Manager, UnEpic | Partnered Broadcaster, | Host/Coordinator, #JackassPodcast | Gamemaster, #EarthdawnAfterDusk | Proud Father

Jackass Podcast

The #JackassPodcast is a Talk Show hosted on Twitch. You can see it live every Saturday evening at 8pm PST

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