Hall Of Gods Online Video Slot Game Review

When it comes to online slot games, Hall of Gods is one of the best games out there that will make you play them again and again and again and again and… Yeah you get the point! The game’s cool interface and graphics get the player immersed into the game. The game has an addicting gameplay, and the progressive jackpot win keeps the users hooked to their seats. Progressive jackpot means that the prize keeps on going as you keep playing the game until you eventually hit the jackpot. Other prizes by the slot game are also quite decent, and you will never be disappointed by Hall of Gods.

Symbols Involved

The game features several symbols that can win you bonuses in the game with a particular combination.

Wild Symbol

This symbol can replace all other symbols except for the bonus and the scatter ones.

Scatter Symbol

Scatter symbols done have to be on the same payline. They can be scattered anywhere, and if you get a certain amount of scatter symbols in one spin, you can receive free spins. For example, if you get 3 scatter symbols you can win 10 spins, four can give you fifteen and five scatter symbols will win you 20 free spins. If you get 3 scatter symbols during the free spins, you will get additional spins.

Bonus Game

If you get 3 bonus symbols on the reel, you will win a bonus game. In this game, there are 15 shields that need to be destroyed by a hammer. This can be done by getting 3 similar symbols in the reel. You can also win one of the three jackpots of the game in the bonus game.

Playtable Option

The game has a PLAYTABLE option which can be clicked to reveal all the winning combinations and the prize received with them.

Autoplay Feature

If you are getting bored of having to spin the reel yourself, again and again, you can simply activate the autoplay feature. All you will have to do is set your coin value, and the number of spins and the computer will play the game for you. You can simply end the auto play feature midway by pressing the STOP button in the game.


Hall of Gods is a great indulging game that keeps the users hooked to their seats and made them play the game again and again. The progressive jackpot offers an opportunity to win huge sums of money.

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