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Warning: Millionaire status (and everything else above that) is not for everyone. Some people (literally) do not have the slightest clue about what to do with that kind of money, especially if they just got it overnight! It’s like there’s a particular “gene pool” that’s terribly allergic to big money. People who actually aspire and work twice as hard to achieve “brokenness”!

Guys like President Trump (and the type…) stay rich forever because they worked hard for it for decades… therefore, they have a better sense of what “hard earned wealth” means, and what not to do with your money once you’ve earned it. Chaps like Gerald Muswagon (a lottery winner) on the other hand are the perfect specimen to prove to us that overnight fortunes can not only leave you feeling worse… but literally living worse than before as well! This poor fellah for instance, managed to blow $10million on drugs, alcohol, and partying in less than 8 years. We can blame his poor financial management skills or even his friends… or maybe he falls under the unfortunate category of those suffering from severe “Big Mullah” allergy, whatever it is… I’m sure we’re all curious!? I mean, right…?

But anyway… enough about that. Let’s talk about you and big money. Back to our million dollar idea… playing online video slots.

Let me stop you there… sorry… now, before you say something nasty about my online video slots idea maybe I should let you know that my mate “Jon Jon” (yeah, that’s what I call my man Jon Heywood — winner of Mega Moolah Jackpot) can pay a guy, to pay another guy, to pay a guy who knows you to slap you in your mouth for thinking like that! Yeah, because he’s rich like that… My man! (hope I get a coffee and a loan for this bro…*extended wink).

And now I know you’re probably thinking… “Hey, your guy was just lucky… how many other people can you count that went from rugs to riches overnight for playing online video slots?” Well, I’ll do you one better, I’ll give you ten! Starting with my man up there… (I’m serious about the loan Jon Jon… we can skip the coffee).

So who are the top 10 highest ONLINE SLOT jackpot wins of all time?

10. Mark A (CAN): €5,375,695

Mark’s story is one of those “super fast riches” tales that you can never get tired of hearing. No matter how many times…

This Canadian guy decides to kick up his legs one day and play some online casino games from his iPad and after a couple of spins at the Mega Moolah online video slot, Mark was a millionaire! Mark was playing his favorite online slot from Crazy Vegas online casino when it happened. Crazy… right? But that’s Mark’s story. He ended up $7,561,766 richer in a matter of seconds. And all from his iPad… It is actually one of the biggest Jackpot wins ever recorded from a mobile device. Mega Moolah is a creation of the infamous online video slots industry giants, Microgaming.

9. George M (GRE): €6,300,000

A Greek business was all smiles back in 2009 when he bagged 6.3million Euros playing Mega Moolah — Microgaming. I can bet you the neighborhood did a homecoming parade for this dude; all dressed in ancient Greek stuff. Like goddesses and gods… and the little leafed crowns. George was playing the online slot video game from River Belle casino when his life literally turned upside down… and then back up. All he could tell the world was, “Keep the faith; it’s a small window of opportunity that could overturn your life”. And he was right…

Georgy must have visited Olympus so many times after that… this is the kind of money that makes even the gods want to know you!

8. L.G. (SWE): €7,673,975

A Swedish woman going only by the initials L.G. scooped the 7.6million Euros Jackpot prize back in November 2012. She was playing another popular online slot game by the name of Hall of Gods, a Net Entertainment (NetEnt) creation. It is themed after Norse mythology… you know… red-haired dames, thick bearded mean looking Vikings, pick axes, Thor’s hammer… the whole 9 yards!

Our lucky Swedish winner took off to Thailand for a vacation with her family, bought a nice house, paid off her student loans, and got a brand new ride.

7. Alexander (SWE): €8,577,104

Another Jackpot winner who walked away with a jaw dropping amount was Alexander from Sweden. This happened on the 28th of November, 2015. Alexander was busy having a normal day playing online video slots as usual and probably expecting the usual small wins or loses. Lady Luck was having a field day… the rest is history! Alexander is now surely Great… don’t you think? There’s nothing on the internet about Alexander after this mind boggling win. Whoever Alexander is… he or she is definitely living the high life now. I hope we don’t get to read about their “riches to rugs” version very soon… just kidding… or am I…?

6. Wellzyc (UK): £6,235,372

The UK is proud of so many things and so many people. One mate who won €7,437,182 (for Queen and country!) has to be sitting somewhere up there near the top of the list. You can imagine a speech in Parliament from the Prime Minister: “We Englishmen are proud of our nation, our heritage, our sportsmen and women, David Beckham, and let’s not forget our punters who put out great country’s name in the Guinness Book of World Records… several times!”

Unfortunately, Wellzyc also chose to remain anonymous after the win and all we know is that Wellzyc was playing Mega Fortune at the BGO online casino, the spin that triggered the Jackpot win only cost Wellzyc about a pound, and Bob’s your uncle. Can anyone gen up and let us know what happened to this mate?

5. Rawiri Pou (NZ): NZ$10,143,123

Pou will never forget June 17th, 2016… on a Friday. It was like his second birthday! Where were you on this day, and what were you doing? Nobody knows where Pou was but one thing I can tell you for sure is what he was doing… playing Mega Moolah from This is the very day that Pou found out what it feels like to have $7.41 million in your bank account! You can imagine his surprise and the happiness running through his family (since then). “I will spoil my family.” That’s all Rawiri wrote!

4. D.P (Somewhere in Europe): €7,968,311

News doing rounds says that another winner known only by her handle D.P. also hit the Jackpot playing from a mobile device! This fantastic Jackpot win is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest ever to be won from a mobile device so far. Although nothing much is known about D.P., we can just assume she’s a resident in one of the European countries (and my bet is on the UK). And I think I saw her photo somewhere holding a big dummy cheque (check?). It has to be a dummy cheque because this is stupid money! See what I did there…?

D.P. was playing Mega Moolah through Zodiac casino before she got bit by the “Millionaire-Bug”. The only news that leaked to the public about this lucky lady is that she celebrated with a bottle of fine bubbly…

3. Marcus Goodwin (CAN): $11,633,898

November 5th, 2016 was not a usual Saturday for Goodwin. Funny that his name had “good” and “win” in it! The Canadian punter was so shocked and happy at the same time that the only thing he could manage during his interview was a measly Wow! All we know is that after thanking and shaking everyone’s hand at YakoCasino, Goodwin left with a promise to take his entire family on an African Safari. That was after buying a house, a cottage for vacations, and of course we can assume he lived up to his Christmas promise and he bought everyone nice things. Mr. Goodwin was playing Mega Moolah online slots by Microgaming. Of course anyone who’s played Mega Moolah (the African theme version) slots knows why Goodwin obviously thought of Africa as his first destination.

FYI: Marcus made a video about his win… but dude… even the dog knows it was a mistake for Marcus to go on screen holding a … Yorky? Not so manly dude… Get a bull dog for that kind of staff. Congrats on your win though…

Interlude: Oh and if you listen keenly to Marcus, you’ll catch the part where he says he only played “once in a rainy day…”. So you don’t have to be like an addicted gambler to win Jackpots from online slot machines. You could join an online casino immediately after reading this post and become the next millionaire!

2. Anonymous Student (FIN): €17,860,868

This lucky risk taker from Finland was kicking it at the PAF online casino when lady luck came knocking. Nothing much is known about this online slot Jackpot winner since they chose to remain off-books but what I can say for sure is that their life changed for the better and this should be encouraging enough for all who are still on the fence about joining the online casino band wagon. This online slots enthusiast was a fun of the Mega Fortune slots when he won his millions in 2015. He was still a student… which clearly explains why he (or his folks) opted for “Ghost Mode”.

1. Jonathon (Jon) Heywood (UK): €17,879,645

The 6th of October, 2015 started just like any other day for this laid back British serviceman (now 28 years old) from Crewe, Lancashire. Somewhere along the day he decides to get his mind off Afghan and have fun throwing a few spins to pass time on the Mega Moolah online video slot (through BETWAY) with only a £30 deposit. Less than 10 minutes and a few 25p spins later, and everything suddenly changed… at least for Jon it did. He was not only a millionaire, but the guy was $20million richer (Oct, 2015 €/$ conversion rates)… just like that. I’ll bet you anything that he forgot every nasty thing he ever saw during his deployment! $5 dollars? No? $10? Scared of losing? Okay forget it… but the point is, he took a leap of faith, and it paid off.

Jon used part of his winnings to take care of his ailing dad and of course he did the most sensible thing any man in his right senses would do… he bought a Bentley Continental GT! I wouldn’t have gone for the yellow but hey… he’s still driving around in your dream car and you’re not!

And the list goes on… but you already have the point now, right?Parting Shot: My Pitch…

This is where I put on my “I told you face” but I’ll let it slide… because I’m nice like that. But truth be told, online video slots have changed lives with the Mega Jackpots they dish our all over internet casinos. This is your money and you should be out there trying to get it. I’m not asking you to become a gambler… I prefer we called it “The Slot Hussle”.

You could be the next online slots Jackpot winner we read about in the papers and on the internet… the next millionaire… sounds divine, doesn’t it? Farfetched even… right? But it’s true. It seriously could be you. Some people may brush-off my online slots idea as just the ranting of another lazy internet blogger but I know that’s not you… because you’re smart like that. Real recognizes real… I know you know that what I’m saying is true.

NOTE: For those doubting “Thomases” out there still thinking, “Mmh… Why are there so many blanks about these listed Jackpot winners? This post could be another fake…”

Answer: Would you want your personal details all over the internet if you a million anything in your bank account? I’d ask you to think about it for a second but you already know! SMH… it’s elementary…



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