What Is Progressive Jackpot Pooling And Why Is It So Popular?

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Mar 27, 2017 · 3 min read

Casino Slots is a fun activity in which you can win a fortune if you have the right strategy or the right amount of luck. Casinos all around the world host so many games that can win you a handsome amount of money. Slot machines are becoming increasingly popular because they purely depend on luck and can win you a great sum of money with just a single token.

How Do Jackpots Work?

The jackpot is the prize that you can win while playing on a slot machine. Some machines have a fixed jackpot which stays constant no matter how many players play the game. If you are lucky enough to hit the right numbers, you can win the jackpot plain and simple. Some slot machines, on the other hand, have progressive jackpots which keep on increasing the number of players. Some of the portions of your wager go to the jackpot to increase it and as a result, you can win an even bigger sum if you are lucky enough.

Jackpot Pooling

Ever wondered why some jackpots are so huge while playing on a single slot machine and the others are so small compared to that one? This is because casinos nowadays have linked their slot machines to each other’s so that they can all contribute in a much larger jackpot to be won. This is jackpot pooling. A single unlinked jackpot machine will have a maximum jackpot of around 10000$, but the linked ones can go into millions. This attracts the customers, and they keep on playing trying to hit the jackpot and win a fortune from a mere slot machine. All these machines are linked to each other through a cloud server which holds the jackpot amount. Each time a player plays on any one of the many linked slot machines, the jackpot increases. These linked machines are of two types.

Local Linked Slot Machines

In this linked system, all the slot machines of the same casino are linked. You can test your luck on any slot machine in the whole casino and can win the jackpot that is constantly increasing as the players keep on playing the slot machine game.

State Linked Slot Machines

This linked system involves slot machines from several casinos in the whole state or the whole city. Some linked systems can even involve slot machines placed in casinos in different cities. The network can be as vast as the casino heads want them to be. The more slot machines are linked in the network; the bigger the jackpot will be.

It doesn’t matter which slot machine you play on. Whether it is a slot machine in a casino in your own state or a slot machine in a whole different state, as long as the slot machines are linked, you can win the whole jackpot.

Why is it so popular?

Progressive jackpot pooling is popular because of the huge amount of money the jackpot holds. Some jackpots can go up to 500 million dollars which is quite a fortune. This attracts people and increases the number of players and as a result, the jackpot keeps on increasing.


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