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3 Keys for Building a Personal Brand

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What’s the single best thing you can do for your career?

Build your personal brand.

It doesn’t matter if you work for someone else or for yourself. Your personal brand is what you stand for, how people perceive you, and what you’re known for. It can make the difference between getting career opportunities and staying stagnant.

Everyone has a personal brand, even if they don’t realize it. But to shape your own brand, you have to be proactive and take control. When’s the best time to start building your personal brand? Today!

I made a video about this which you can see below. If you want more content like this then make sure to subscribe to the Be Your Own Boss Podcast Youtube Channel where my wife Blake and I teach you how you can be your own boss.

Here are three keys to building your personal brand:


What is your area of expertise? What do you want to be known for? Choose a topic and stick to it. It could be anything from marketing to leadership to coding or accounting. The key is to be consistent. If you’re all over the place, people won’t know what you stand for or what skills or knowledge you have to offer. Choose a message and stick to it.


Once you’ve chosen your topic, be frequent about the message. Share it as much as possible across multiple channels. Leverage social media to share articles, podcasts, photos, videos, and more. Within your organization, start conversations on the intranet or get involved in committees. Don’t spam people, but get your message out there as much as possible. You want to be in people’s minds, and that doesn’t happen by only speaking up or sharing once a month.


Blake and I made lots of mistakes during our entrepreneurial journey and learned things the hard way, but you don’t have to. Whether you are considering going off on your own or you already have, this will be a valuable resource for you. Download our PDF on the 7 things you need to master if you want to be a successful entrepreneur.

Building a personal brand doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years and years of staying true to these three principles and continual practice to build your brand. Keep working on your personal brand — it’s the most crucial part of building your career.


Your consistency and frequency don’t matter if they aren’t visible. You have to share your message in the most visible ways on the most visible platforms. Reach out to other thought leaders, podcasts, or publications and offer to contribute or collaborate. When your message is visible, people will think of you when they need someone for a particular task or topic.

These three keys can help shape your personal brand and set you on the path to success, whatever your path may be.

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