TheFuturein5 Episode 24: Why The Internet of Things is Going to Change Everything

What comes first — technology or behavior change? In this episode of the Future in 5, I take a look at this popular topic. I am beginning to see two different conversations happening. On one side, some companies are saying that before they invest in any kind of collaboration technology, they want to figure out a way to change behavior. Once the behavior is changed, they will invest in technology. On the other side, some organizations say they need to invest in the technology so that they can change the behavior. In other words, they can’t change the behavior unless they give employees the tools that they need. Unfortunately, both of these sides are wrong. You have to focus on the behavior while giving employees the technologies they need to actually be able to change behaviors. I’ve done a great deal of research on this subject. My first book, The Collaborative Organization, is a 340-page strategy guide on this exact topic. And, in this episode, I share how organizations can make collaboration work. As always, I want to hear what your company or organization is doing, so listen in and give me your comments!

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