The Big Misconception About IBM’s Watson

The conversation around robots and automation is one that continues to grow and get more attention. However I’ve noticed a growing trend among business publications that cover this topic. Typically IBM’s Watson gets mentioned as one of the key innovations that’s going to replace and automate jobs and I think this is a huge misconception. I have had the opportunity to tour the IBM Watson innovation facility in New York City and speak with people that work on Watson which by the way, was not designed with the intention to replace jobs or take jobs away from humans. Watson was created as a way to assist humans while improving decision making capabilities.

If we look at doctors for example, yes, it’s true that Watson can examine millions of medical scans and look at millions or medical journals but Watson alone isn’t going to provide a diagnosis. The doctor uses Watson as a tool get make a better, more accurate, and more informed decision but Watson will not replace the need for that doctor to actually be there. Somewhere down the road, this conversation may change. For now, there is a huge misconception about what Watson does and more importantly why it was created.

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