Three Practical Tips To Better Integrate Work And Life

By now I hope we can all agree that work-life balance is dead and that instead we are moving towards a world of work-life integration. In this very special episode of The Future in 5, I am joined by Anne, Raimondi who is the SVP of Strategy at Zendesk. In the video below Anne shares her top three tips to better integrate work and life!

Tip number one is to “share your story” with your colleagues. This can be done with new or existing colleagues, as a conversation starter to get to know your team. Showing your personal self at work helps to build connections. Tip number two is to remember to be in control of technology. Something simple as putting your device away during dinner with the family will help you be present and focused on what is unfolding in front of you. Anne shares her great “no scroll” tip for managing time on social media. Tip number three is to get out into the community and volunteer. Challenging yourself to do something different helps to provide a new perspective on work and life.

The shift from work-life balance to work-life integration is happening. Embracing the integration as a positive thing will make it feel like an opportunity, and not a struggle.

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