Why Organizations Use Freelancers

This episode of The Future In 5 is about why organizations use freelancers. As on-demand labor starts to increase, organizations of all shapes and sizes ─ especially large organizations ─ are going to have to think differently about the way they service, compete and innovate when thinking about the future of work. So what are organizations doing and why are they tapping into the freelancer economy? In this episode I take a closer look at this and explore a couple of reasons why. First, the freelancer economy allows testing. Second, for the ability to create ad hoc teams. Third, because of lower cost. And fourth, to tap into a global talent pool. Listen in for the full discussion, and as usual, leave your comments below!

This month’s content on the future of work was made possible by my friends at Work Market. Work Market is a freelance management system that brings freelancers and organizations together. As the freelancer economy continues to grow organizations are going to have to think differently about how they service, innovate, and compete in the future of work.

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