August 2018 Newsletter

The vacation month for people in the northern hemisphere is now over and it’s time to do our monthly recap. On this calm month, we had about 80 PRs opened and almost 50 issues closed.

Vallery Lancey at the Cloud Native Vancouver Meetup

Jaeger Project Updates

We are proud to announce that the Jaeger and the OpenTracing projects confirmed their participation in the next Outreachy program under the CNCF Tracing umbrella. The application opens on September 10th, but we’ve selected some tasks already that we’d like to either be part of the internship itself, or part of the application process.

For those of you deploying Jaeger on Kubernetes, we’d like to get your help in testing the new Jaeger Operator. This is meant to replace our Kubernetes template and will simplify the Jaeger Helm chart. Leave your comments in the related GitHub issue or directly as an issue under the jaegertracing/jaeger-operator repository.

Jaeger is also part of the new MicroProfile subsystem for WildFly, being the default tracer shipping with the application server starting from WildFly 14. Check it out and send your feedback!

We would also like to thank the following people, who submitted their first contribution to the project during this month:

Content from the Community

Upcoming Talks

If you are giving a talk about Jaeger at your local meetup or at a conference, tweet about it and tag @JaegerTracing!


Red Hat is hiring a Senior Quality Engineer to work on Jaeger and Istio, in Boston, MA or remote. Apply here.

The Jaeger team at Uber is looking for a Senior Software Engineer in the New York office. Apply here.

We Would Love to Hear From You

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And feel free to join our bi-weekly video calls.

— The Jaeger Team