Jaeger Operator for Kubernetes

The first version of the Jaeger Operator for Kubernetes is now available!

Kubernetes Operators are a set of components that can be installed in a given cluster to make it easier to manage a group of resources (deployments, services, …) as if they were native Kubernetes resources. In case of the Jaeger Operator, we can create a simple Jaeger instance by simply specifying a “custom resource” like this:

Under the covers, the above configuration will simply deploy the Jaeger ‘all-in-one’ container with in-memory storage. However it is also possible to define a ‘production’ strategy where the Jaeger collector, query and agent components will be deployed independently and make use of a persistent storage option.

For example, a Jaeger instance using an existing Elasticsearch at http://elasticsearch:9200as the backing storage can be specified as:

Check out the README from the repository for more information about it. Try it out and share your feedback, either via GitHub issues or via Gitter.


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