July 2018 Newsletter

With more than 100 PRs opened and 50 issues closed, we come to the end of July. The version 1.6 of the backend was released, as well as new version(s) of the Jaeger Java Client with a big refactoring.

Bill Westlin’s presentation — GoSF Meetup

Jaeger Project Updates

The new Kafka storage backend got a lot of attention this month, starting with support for writing spans. Reading spans is not supported yet but a Kafka ingester is currently being worked on. A related change is the option to write to multiple backends, so that spans can still be written to Cassandra and/or Elasticsearch, in addition to Kafka. Run the envcommand to see how that can be done.

Another hot topic this month was the Jaeger Java Client, which got a new minor release and a few patch releases. The minor release (v0.30.0) contains a major refactoring, breaking compatibility with previous versions. In most cases, the only required change is to use the artifact io.jaegertracing:jaeger-client instead of io.jaegertracing:jaeger-corethat was used before. If your application made use of Jaeger-specific classes in the past, chances are that you’d need to do some minor changes, like changing from io.jaegertracing.Tracer to io.jaegertracing.internal.JaegerTracer .

We are also delighted to see first-time contributions from (sorted by the merge date):

Content from the Community

GoSF Meetup • Distributed Tracing by Bill Westlin

Building off Jaeger, Uber designed XYS (eXamine Your Service) to allow for interactive exploration of inter-service latency histograms and to directly connect long tail latency metrics to example traces. In this presentation, Uber engineer Bill Westlin demonstrates how to use distributed tracing to achieve high performance computing.

Tracing OpenTracing & Jaeger’s Journey part 3 and part 4 by Prakriti Bansal

Prakriti, our intern working on improving our documentation, continues her report on her internship’s journey. Check it out!

Cloud Native Distributed Tracing + Kubernetes 1.11 by Itiel Shwartz

OpenTracing was born from the pain of debugging micro-services, and the (almost) impossible way of finding the root cause and causality when dealing with multiple services without proper tooling. In this talk Itiel Shwartz, lead production engineer at Rookout, shows why is it so important to use distributed tracing, and how to use some very cool CNCF tools, OpenTracing & Jaeger, to make your system more robust and improve the observability.

Distributed tracing with OpenCensus and Jaeger in Java by Mauro Canuto

With microservices architectures distributed tracing is increasingly seen as an essential component for observing distributed systems and applications. In order to provide a meaningful view of a request all of the trace data must be coordinated and collated.

OpenCensus is a toolkit for collecting application performance and behavior data. It is a single distribution of libraries that automatically collects traces and metrics from your app, displays them locally, and sends them to any analysis tool.

This working example we will show you how to export traces and propagate context between 2 services.

Upcoming Talks

A few interesting talks at the upcoming, Red Hat sponsored DevConf.us, including:

Tracing Ceph using Jaeger-BlkKin by Mania Abdi

BlkKin is a custom end-to-end tracing infrastructure for Ceph. It captures the work done to process individual requests within and among Ceph’s components. But, it can only be turned on for individual requests and cannot be left always-on due to the resulting overhead. We present Jaeger-BlkKin, which can be used in always-on fashion in production with low overhead. Jaeger-BlkKin is constructed by replacing much of Blkkin’s tracing functionality with that of Jaeger, a widely-deployed open source tracing infrastructure. Jaeger-Blkkin is OpenTracing compatible, meaning that it can be replaced easily with other, even more advanced tracing infrastructures when they become available.


Red Hat is hiring a Senior Quality Engineer to work on Jaeger and Istio, in Boston, MA or remote. Apply here.

The Jaeger team at Uber is looking for a Senior Software Engineer in the New York office. Apply here.

Ways to Engage

Uber NYC is hosting an inaugural Distributed Tracing Meet-up. Join us on Tuesday, August 28, 2018 in the new office at 1400 Broadway (RSVP required).

You can always find us on Gitter!

If you are giving a talk about Jaeger at your local meetup or at a conference, tweet about it and tag @JaegerTracing!

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