June 2018 Newsletter

June is over and it’s now time for our monthly newsletter. We have a new version for the server components, 86 PRs were opened this month and 34 issues were closed!

Yuri Shkuro at DockerCon 2018’s Cloud Native Projects SIG Session

Jaeger Project Updates

Our server component got a new storage option, which is the foundation for the data pipeline: Kafka storage. Try it out and give us your feedback! For those of you interested in the inner workings: we’ve also changed the domain model to use Protobuf model definition, replacing the old Thrift we had. We also got a new first-time contributor, Cem Türker (@olimpias), who submitted a fix to an existing bug. Thanks!

Heads up: our Jaeger Java Client is currently being revamped! This means that we’ll have breaking changes during the minor next versions, required to have a stable API for the upcoming 1.0 version.

Content from the Community

Automotive Linux Summit & Open Source Summit Japan 2018 • Application Monitoring and Tracing in Kubernetes: Avoiding Microservice Hell! by David vonThenen

Creating and deploying microservices is easy. The real problem is how to manage and support these services out in the wild and in production. What happens when these services stop working or worse yet when they are running but running slowly? Which service instance is the culprit? This session talks about how you can leverage metrics and tracing tools in order to give better visibility into the distributed nature of a microservice architecture in a Kubernetes environment.

This presentation will discuss key concepts of metrics and tracing and highlight Open Source Projects available that address: 1) the value of instrumentation and how Prometheus can be used to monitor and measure a Kubernetes cluster, and 2) how Jaeger can provide visibility into your applications and microservices.

Will provide a demo of Microservices leveraging Prometheus and Jaeger deployed to Kubernetes cluster.

CNCF Webinar Series • How to Gain Insights from Istio by Leveraging Tools like Prometheus, Jaeger and Cortex by Neeraj Poddar

Istio integrates with a rich set of tools that can add tracing, telemetry, logging and other functionalities to your microservices environment. This session will focus on how a myriad of tools, including several CNCF projects, work collectively to deliver the full functionality of Istio.

This webinar will cover:

  • How Grafana and Prometheus make makes it easy for your entire team to understand what’s going on with your microservices.
  • How Jaeger can be most effectively used for tracing to get to root cause analysis.
  • How Cortex delivers long-term storage for Prometheus telemetry data, how horizontal scalability and cloud-native storage provides virtually infinite data retention, and how Cortex can solve multi-tenant Prometheus challenges.

Session recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOPMSdAQ0t8

DockerCon 2018 • Cloud Native Projects SIG Session by Yuri Shkuro (Jaeger), Priyanka Sharma (OpenTracing) et al

The whole video is worth watching to get an introduction to the various projects, but Jaeger’s part starts at 51m28s. Also make sure to watch OpenTracing’s part, starting at 1h14m50s.

Session recording: https://dockercon2018.hubs.vidyard.com/watch/zbNokkXuo92APe11kv4efN

DevNation Live • Advanced Microservice Tracing with Jaeger by Juraci Paixão Kröhling and Pavol Loffay

Session recording: https://developers.redhat.com/videos/youtube/hpnLUFRY4_Y/

Ways to Engage

At this point, there are no events scheduled where project members would be attending. But you can still find us on Gitter!

If you are giving a talk about Jaeger at your local meetup or at a conference, tweet about it and tag @JaegerTracing!

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— The Jaeger Team