October 2018 newsletter

The month of the #hacktoberfest is over and we could count more than 80 PRs opened and more than 50 issues closed! Read on for a recap of what happened during October.

Pavol Loffay at EclipseCon Europe

Jaeger project updates

The 1.8 release is happening soon (watch the tracking issue). It includes a few small breaking changes to the metrics (#1075) and the agent command line options (#1092), and a number of cool improvements to in-page search for the Trace View, courtesy of David Yeghshatyan, who interned at Uber during the summer:

  • full text search including span tags, process tags, and logs,
  • result counts and navigation buttons,
  • highlighting of results in the trace with intelligent expanding/collapsing.
Search result counts and navigation.
Search result highlighting (yellow background) and incremental expanding of collapsed sub-trees while navigating through the results.

We’ve also made progress with the Jaeger Operator for Kubernetes, adding features like “automatic injection of sidecars” and support for agents as DaemonSet. Keep testing it and opening GitHub issues for the features you care about.

A few members of the project delivered talks this month about Jaeger and OpenTracing, including Yuri Shkuro at Velocity NYC, Pavol Loffay at EclipseCon Europe and Juraci Paixão Kröhling at Open Source Summit Europe. We are also glad to see non-maintainers talking about Jaeger, like Bernd Hufmann at EclipseCon Europe and Kevin Crawley from Instana at the Open Source Summit Europe. If you talked about Jaeger at any events, let us know!

We’d also like to recognize the following first-time contributors:

We are looking forward to your next PR!

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Upcoming talks and events


Red Hat is hiring a Senior Quality Engineer to work on Jaeger and Istio, in Boston, MA or remote. Apply here.

The Jaeger team at Uber is looking for Senior Software Engineers in the New York office. Apply here.

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And feel free to join our bi-weekly video calls.

— The Jaeger Team