September 2018 newsletter

Jaeger named one of the best open source projects for cloud computing by Bossie Awards for the second year in a row.

On this prestigious month, we could count more than 100 PRs opened and more than 40 issues closed! Read on for a recap of what happened during September.

Jaeger was selected as one of the best open source software for cloud computing by

Jaeger project updates

We released the version 1.7 this month, which includes some improvements to the web user interface, as well as a new Compare Traces feature (read the blog post). Heads up to another change: we unified the name for the “all-in-one” component. Before, it was called “standalone” in some places. Take a look at the change log for the complete list of changes.

We have also changed how the index mapping works for our usage of Elasticsearch for a better integration with Kibana, allowing query and aggregations on span and process tags. This is explained in detail in a separate blog post.

The first version of the Jaeger Operator for Kubernetes is now out! Check it out and send your feedback!

The application process for the next Outreachy program is now open and we are participating under the CNCF Tracing community, together with the OpenTracing project. If you are looking for an internship with a couple of open source projects and have experience with Java, Android or Web development, send your application!

We’d also like to celebrate the following first-time contributors:

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Upcoming talks and events


Red Hat is hiring a Senior Quality Engineer to work on Jaeger and Istio, in Boston, MA or remote. Apply here.

The Jaeger team at Uber is looking for Senior Software Engineers in the New York office. Apply here.

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