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In the Pejorative- Donald Trump is the most powerful president in U.S history

He is also the most divisive, did we get what we deserved?

I dread the thought that Donald Trump may be the most powerful President in our recent history, but, after 840+ days it has become apparent, he may be. First off I am using “powerful” as a pejorative. By default, his predecessors understood that America’s strength was in the separation of power and that no one person would or should control our future. This fact is partly why most of the globe use our dollars as the world’s currency; decisions are determined by precedent and law, not a ruler, a critical distinction when disputes occur. These continued attacks of our institutions will not serve us in the future, but they do help our adversaries like Russia and in trade, China. Our founding fathers in writing the constitution understood that slow-moving bureaucracy was the only process to countermeasure and remedy corruption. I would argue corruption is the tactic that Trump and his entourage live and breadth. It could very well be the only thing he understands. Every day he is not challenged by the officers of our constitution, specifically the GOP Congress, his power manifests further and infects the American promise.

Ten thousand documented lies

Not even a Censure from Congress that is power

His power did NOT come from an electoral mandate or the Russians. His power did not come from his ideas or knowledge of what truly built this nation. His influence has come from a convergence of multiple agendas that have actively and passive-aggressively created this time, and I would say a test of our democracy.

Children seeking asylum, caged, separated & dying

Still no Censure from Congress, that’s power

His presidency is our doing, the electorate, the ones that either “could not vote for her” or in the primary chose not to vote for a principled Republican; Governor Kasich comes to mind. I guess the entertainment value was more important than truth. Many of us were to busy downloading apps and believing in the social media insanity, the real “fake news.” Too many of us clicked “share” or “like” without understanding how algorithms work. I am not without fault here, I shared posts in my twitter days, questionable ones. The apparent failure though is from the 100 Million of us that found excuses not to vote; so, we got a leader that would be “supreme” if he could get away with it. More importantly, we got a Congress that sees him as a “ useful idiot.”

Here is where I part from the media fueled image of Trump. I don’t agree he is an idiot; he is not intelligent in the academics, sciences, history or even government nuances, but he is street smart just like a mob boss needs to be. The only difference is now the DOJ is part of his “family.”

It is confusing to me the GOP and their willingness to set aside any remnants of their virtues. Virtues they have vehemently advocated for in the last thirty years, all to fulfill dehumanizing far, far-right agenda. Libertarian philosophy has pushed out all center Republicans. Have you ever argued with a Libertarian? Their dogma is quickly neutralized if confronted by personal events that shine a light on their hypocrisy; then socialism is ok by them. We all need help in one form or another at one time or another. The belief that we don’t is asinine. What is not confusing is they are pushing forward their agenda knowing full well that they do not have a quorum of the people or even a simple majority. Most Americans poll against the policies of the far right; Healthcare, Guns, Taxes, Climate even Immigration. These polls include many in the GOP, that is the irony.

The undocumented meetings with Putin, sworn enemy of the U.S &Allies

No Censure, that’s power

Make no mistake Americans today are being governed by the real minority, the far right. In 2020 if we don’t put aside petty non-issues and excuses, we will have a supreme leader. We have to stop looking at the “Mueller's” for over site, that institution broke with the appointment of Barr. I am not whining about my side losing this is deeper; our constitution is under attack. We continue down this path, and we become just another failed democracy, precisely what Putin has advocated. I for one am ready to reach over to any “principled” Republicans left and find common ground. I want a two party country, not a fascist one. I didn’t agree with 75% of the Bush’s agenda, but I still called them my presidents, why? Because I knew they believed in democracy, even when it was hard. I don’t feel that for one second with Trump. I will never call Trump my president; he is not interested in being my president, for my values and pigment are not his. I believe we are living a “Paul Revere” moment. Those in power who have set aside their virtues, cease to be “men” (women) of good faith, and so they stop being worthy to represent us. We must show them they no longer have our support or the power it wields. We the people give them the power, it is time to remind them of that, decisively. We must sound the alarm loud with no distractions.

Continuing to make millions if not billions of dollars from the Office, hiding his taxes in plain sight. Pursuing a myriad of other ethically questionable financial acts

Still no vote to Censure, that’s power

Trump’s presidential power lies squarely in the failure of the Republican leadership, and they are good with it. As Bob Marley once said “the truth is inside of us, we know it, all we have to do is listen” The truth is they want a white nationalist country, and they don’t care what they have to do to get it. Like many Americans, Dems and Reps, I thought when he was elected, the check and balances of our system would “force him” to stay in his lane. I didn’t understand the depth of his pathology, his narcissism. I do now.

Trump and his sycophants are actively “burning” it all down to rebuild in the image of white nationalism; actions not words are my evidence. It is essential to understand that bigots are OK living with other races as long as those they look down on, bend the knee and accept they are less and deserve less because of it. Do you think one MAGA supporter doesn’t want universal care or reasonable college access? No, of course, they do! They don’t want you to have it.

The Mueller report detailed ten instances of obstruction of justice that would be criminal were he, not the president

Censure? Nope -that’s power

What comes after this is not going to be Democracy, and this POTUS doesn’t care. He isn’t a public servant. His power with the base comes from the last hold out of “Make America Great Again” nationalists. What we sadly learned is that among us, we have many sympathizers of bigoted policy, more than we thought. They don’t see themselves as bigots but are OK with the behavior. “Some good people on both sides” — as Trump has narrated. His use of a slogan deeply seeded in the white supremacist movement and the perfect dog whistle did what it was meant to do, rally the bigots and sympathizers. He was right; the base will follow him into the Sun, correction, his base will go to the Sun if he directs it. He won’t be following them I assure you. I am careful not to use the word racist here, though many in his base do believe that their pigment affords them higher standing in our world; The real driving force behind all of this isn’t racism. It’s greed. Who gets and controls the scarce resources that are around the corner.

Climate change denying, for instance, is just a tactic of time. It’s all strategy while deniers position themselves in places of influence, control, and power. “Soylent Green” is our future with these people in power or for a more current reference “Children of Men.” These Deniers know what’s coming and relish when we get frustrated at them, it’s the perfect distraction. I would suggest we stop wasting time talking sense to these people, position our interest, the human one by voting out all deniers and soon.

The numerous active cover-ups; Russia, Khashoggi (RIP), Innaguration funds, Sanctions, Mueller

The aggressive “call to harm” for our press, citizens- chants of imprisonment for past American leaders.

Still no Censures- If that isn’t power what is.

Is this man the most powerful president in our recent history? I ask you if Trump was any other President, would any other Congress allow these attacks and corrupted behavior? He has already destroyed the party of Lincoln, that seems compelling to me, as proof of his power. I wonder does anyone think this is going to end well, having a narcissist remain in office? He and his sycophants remind America whenever they feel threatened about the “thugs” waiting for his instructions. He implies civil war and Congress remains silent. History will have one of two stories to put in the records; The end of American democracy or a time when Americans stood up in a clear and forceful vote, eliminated those who would tread against our constitution. A constitution all of us owe a tremendous debt, for many have died and suffered so we can speak truth to power without fear of life or liberty. Trump’s power is not a celebration of a leader; it’s the reality of a tyrant; it’s dread.

Impeachment is warranted, let the record show which officer of the constitution is a traitor to American Law and pursuit of Equality.

7/17/19 Addendum; Today Republican congress showed America that racism is OK in America even policy.

-R Maynard, Citizen



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