Welcome to my personal blog

Hello world. My name is Jake Moskowitz, CEO of Voyhoy.com. As a startup founder, mentor and enthusiast, I wanted to develop this blog to share my thoughts and opinions on the topics that matter the most to me:

The day to day hustle of startup life

Innovation in mobility, travel, and transportation

Startup and venture activity and trends in Latin America (and the emerging world)

Specific lessons and pointers that have helped me in my journey

General thoughts on photography, UX, Agile development, fundraising, stand-up comedy, hacking fast-food menus, scuba diving, etc.

I would not have taken the step to make any of this public had I not been motivated to do so from my friends, family, and mentors. I recently found myself discussing the same core points of view to various folks and wanted to create this page for anyone interested in my take. If at any point I feel like my point of view is just another founder’s blog falling to deaf ears, I’ll be sure to end things promptly. Let’s just see what happens.