Live Chat Recap: Immigration Attorney Elizabeth Jamae

Dec 28, 2015 · 3 min read

Last week Elizabeth Jamae of the Jamae Law Group joined us for an #AskAPro live session! She focuses on helping startups bring needed talent from overseas. We spent nearly an hour learning about the hot topic of immigration in addition to Elizabeth’s background and law firm. To say the conversation was interesting would be an understatement.

As the conversation picked up, ConvoLounge members didn’t shy away from asking various questions:

How difficult is it for a candidate to get a work visa? And what does the start up have to do to support it?
Answer: the level of difficulty depends on the experience of the candidate. A start up needs to at least be able to show ability pay the candidate

Can anyone get a work visa? or does the person need to have specialized skills?
Answer: not everyone can get a work visa. It can depend on your degree and where you are from sometimes

What are the criteria that one can offer sponsorship to provide the work permit visa? What level of education and skills are required ?
Answer: The level of education and amount of experience is combined to make a decision on what type of visa is good for you…the company sponsoring you has to at least be incorporated in the US, with a US bank account, and office space.

Eventually the conversation got really specific, perhaps 500 Startups would like to jump in here

Q: I’ve heard that a startup need up to $500,000 in funding to bring in the talents from other countries to US, Is that true?
A: we can usually get someone over if the startup has at least 100k in the bank.
Q: Can a company incubating under companies like 500startups, sponsor for the work permit visa?
A: 500 has not done so yet but there is one incubator that is trying — Unshackled.

Questions around careers in the legal field also came up.
: What is the role of the technical writing at a law firm?
A: Because we do a lot of visas for engineers/developers and it helps when we are writing our briefs to USCIS to be very specific in our writing
Q: What do paralegals do exactly?
A: Paralegals will do everything from the immigration forms to pulling the final case together.

The path to working with immigration and startups
Towards the end we learned why Elizabeth decided to pursue law, how she got there while managing a (young) family, why she decided to get into immigration law and focus on small companies and startups. The conversation ended on a high note talking about the future. You can see how the full conversation unfolded by following .

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