Joining my first Cohort!

A group of coders that will help me broaden my skills!

I got one of the best emails in my life!

Congratulations!! You have been accepted into Chingu’s July/August session!
Reminder — What is Chingu?
Chingu is an open-source collaboration community that provides developers and aspiring developers access to remote dev project experiences and level-up opportunities. Here is what we do: put motivated people with similar goals together in an environment that gives them the opportunity to level-up in a way they couldn’t otherwise.

I was accepted into my first cohort! For those of you who don’t know, a cohort is a group of people working towards a goal. In this case, my cohort will be making various projects, and testing different ideas. The cohort I joined, is called Chingu. Chingu is an organization with over 6 cohorts at different skill levels. They are named by different animals.

I’m not sure which animal cohort I have joined yet, but I will know soon!

EDIT: The cohorts have started, and I have been placed in Owl-Team-24. I have been teamed up with 2 other active team-members, and we have decided on an idea. We are going to create a Reddit CSS Generator for styling subreddits.

If you want to donate to Chingu, and all their awesome efforts, click here to go to their Patreon page.

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