My first jam has come to an end, and I’m excited for the (inevitable) next one!

James Kerrane
Jun 26, 2017 · 4 min read
Daydream Jam (Image from Adam Le Doux)

In two days, I will compete in the weeklong Daydream Bitsy Jam hosted on This is the first game jam I have ever entered in, and I am using the jam to improve my skills as a developer. This blog post will be updated daily with my “Devlog” of the game creation process.

So, what is a Game Jam?
A game jam, is a competition between developers to create a game within a certain time limit. Most game jams have themes, or constraints added into the mix, to push developers.

What is the “Daydream Bitsy Jam” about?
This jam, is the third month, of a series of jams. The jam’s purpose, is to push developers to create games using the engine Bitsy. Every month they have a different theme. This month’s theme is “Daydream”.

How does Bitsy work?
Bitsy, is an online game engine, that can create 90s style flash games such as this:


6/28/2017–1st Day of Game Jam

I anxiously waited for the countdown timer to count-down:

Countdown Timer

It was finally time! I started with drafting my idea:

I was thinking of a game about a person stuck in traffic getting to work. When they were stuck in the traffic, they could daydream! I instantly started a prototype.

Player starts off in a car moving along the road.
Player moving through traffic

One they were stuck in traffic, surrounded by two cars, I made a text box appear

That’s all I got done so far,

Till morrow!

6/29/2017–2nd Day of Game Jam

Continuing progress from yesterday, I created a scene for when the player daydreamed.

Scene for a dream car-crash

This was where a problem came. When the character moved, it took a red background with it! It wouldn’t be able to move around the new scene! With the limitations of Bitsy, it was impossible to make it work. I scratched it up as a loss, and I will start thinking of a new idea.

7/30/2017–3rd Day of Game Jam

I started a new idea, with a game called “Up the stairs…”. It features a character that climbs up the stairs of a house to a mysterious door in the rain.

With this game, the player goes into the basement of the home, to find (relatively) easy puzzles to get through. At the end, (as per the theme), you realize that you were just daydreaming in class about the whole game!

Now that I was done with the game, I created the page, and submitted the game here. It takes a few minutes to complete, but I am proud of the work that I created.

Community Response

Message on the Game Page from the account “rarelikeaunicorn”
Timestamp 7:34, when my game is featured! :D

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A collection of my writing about coding, publishing, and more!

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James Kerrane

A collection of my writing about coding, publishing, and more!

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