My Simple Formula For Creating Motivation

Contrary to popular belief motivation is not something that simply appears out of thin air. It’s not something that you can sit around and wait for, and it’s often not something that you feel immediately upon waking up.

Motivation must be created.

The good news is that you can control when you create motivation, and how much motivation you create by following the simple formula below.

Step 1: Take action. Start taking the steps that will move you closer to a specific goal.* If the steps are too big and scary break them up into smaller steps until they don’t. Get one foot out of bed. Put on your shoes. Open your computer.

*If you don’t have a specific goal to work on get out a piece of paper and write one down. That’s your first step.

Step 2: Continue taking steps toward your goal until start feeling the motivation. If you are taking step after step after step and still not feeling any motivation that’s ok. Take a short break and come back. Sometimes the motivation happens right away, other times it takes a bit longer, but it always shows up eventually. If you are feeling a little motivation, but you want to feel more, just work a little harder.

Pro Tip: Applying this formula is a skill just like any other. The more you practice, the better you will get.