Introduction and Welcome

A quick overview of myself and why I’m here!

Just to give you a bit of a background — I’m based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK and am Founder and Managing Director of Redspa, a digital agency that I setup seven years ago (

We’re a smallish team of 10 talented developers and designers specialising in creating bespoke websites, systems, graphics and identities for brands big and small.

Prior to this, I worked as a freelance website and systems developer for almost 15 years.

I’ve grown up with the Microsoft tech-stack, having started programming in my first holiday job designing and building Access databases and scripting in VBScript when I was 15. I quickly progressed onto classic Active Server Pages (ASP), ASPX Web Forms and these days I’m firmly embedded in the C# ASP.MVC, WebAPI and ASP.NET Core world. I’m also pushing forward into the modern front-end world of TypeScript, React, Vue, Node and how they all interact.

On top of this, I’m now very much in the realm of running my own business so in between the techy bits expect a comment, quip and/or rant or two about the trials and tribulations of running a digital agency.

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