Diving in Saba

Saba, The Netherlands

In December 2014 my wife and I travelled to Saba — a small island in the Caribbean that is part of The Netherlands — for vaction. The island is small, out of the way, not littered with tourists, and is known for its phenomenal diving. The island’s volcanic nature creates a varied underwater topography in the surrounding waters.

We dove with Sea Saba while we were there. All of their staff were professional, safe, and very knowledgeable on the area. The reefs were much more varied than what I saw diving in the Red Sea. I also saw more wildlife here than any other place I have been diving thus far.

Above is a map of the island with mooring sites in the National Marine Park as well as the island’s hiking trails. The Saba National Marine Park is a protected area that extends from the high tide mark to a depth of 200ft surrounding the island. The darker dive sites and trails are the ones we explored during our trip. We spent the most time diving Tent Reef which is a large reef that contains varied underwater ecosystems.